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Parallel universes

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters Please advise whether parallel worlds / universes exists? are there earth like planets and do they contain life? Is it true that we live in a multiverse (more than one universe)? ~Elmar, South Africa

ANSWER:  All matter, everything that can be seen or imagined, is composed of energy. The essence of the eternal soul is one of nonphysical, amorphous energy. Nothing exists but the potential to form something that can be understood by others, and this is only important when the soul is having a physical experience on Earth.

When a soul decides to come into a body on planet Earth, they create an illusion that will allow them to complete the lessons they chose to learn. The reality they manifest is perceived as solid (physical) because they need a common bond to share with the other souls, also having simultaneous human experiences, who are needed to finish the soul’s planned activities.

If more than one person believes in something, say in order to discuss it with others, the subject has to be accepted by all of the participants as “existing within their dimension.” Part of the activity in the physical duality is judging, rating, and grading what you believe exists. If you don’t accept and/or believe something exists, you will look right through what others can see because you have not added it to your reality.

The whole of the physical universe is illusion. If it fits into the dynamic of a soul’s human journey, such as a belief in parallel or multi-universes, then it becomes vital to their expedition. In the reality of some souls, these phenomena exist.

Your question assumes that there is only one type of covering or shell with which a soul may clothe itself: the homo sapiens persona you dwell within. If a soul wishes to have an experience in other than the duality of Earth, it may manifest any type of environment and any “body” type useful within that setting: animal, vegetable, or mineral.

For many centuries, if they thought about it at all, people accepted that the planet was a flat surface and that they could fall over the side of if they ventured too close to the edge. When the scientists of the day wanted to categorize the planet, they took measurements and made irrefutable observations that, to them, unequivocally proved the world was round. That took some time to be accepted, but now very few deny it.

A soul incarnates to learn about the essence of itself and to accomplish understanding and using freedom of choice. Nothing is right or wrong. Whether you believe in something or not is irrelevant. Gaining wisdom about your innate powers and abilities is why you came – but you don’t even have to do that unless you so desire.

Dealing with relationships

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I really need your guidance. My husband and I have been facing a lot of difficulties in our marriage lately. We have been dealing with addiction, past infidelity and In-law issues. The bulk of our issues stem from negativity from our in-laws because they disapprove of our inter-racial relationship. I feel as though their negativity is like a dark cloud over us. It’s constant and just not going away. We want to fight for our marriage but we feel stuck and blocked. What can we do to cleanse this negativity from around us? My husband is too attached to his family to cut them off despite their insults and negativity. ~Holly, United States

ANSWER: A relationship exists between any two humans who have dealings with each other – be it family, business, or social. It also refers to behaviors one has chosen for oneself to express their life. Overshadowing all this is the soul’s freedom of choice to address these issues in the exact fashion it wishes. Giving power to anyone else to affect your life is allowing them to take over your freedom of choice and have your world run as they desire.

Relationships take many forms such as active, passive, repulsive, and avoiding. In an active relationship, both parties are involved in the energy of the activity, frequently called a sharing one, but it might also be a co-dependence where each party needs the other for self-sustenance. In a passive affiliation, you are in this connection through birth, marriage, or employment, and you take no active part in sustaining it.

When emotions enter into one side or the other, such as you with your in-laws, the response may result in repulsing the connection or avoiding it all together. These always include huge amounts of negativity, bringing additional negativity into other aspects of your life. Your biggest problem is dealing with this negativity.

Solutions start with your response to the negativity. Do you let it taint your reaction to life? Do you wallow in it and let it fester and increase? Be conscious of how you feel about yourself. Choose to remain in unconditional love rather than basking in negativity. If you let the taunting of your in-laws take hold of you so that you accept some or all of their rantings, they win because you give up your freedom of choice to them.

It is important for both you and your husband to make your own mind up concerning this marriage. If you feel it is the right thing for you, then ignore what everyone else has to say and support each other in your love. Acknowledge that these people have the right to their opinions, but that doesn’t mean you have to acquiesce to their conclusions. You will then no longer have to run away through actions and addictions to avoid the situation. Just be an observer and not a participant.

Connecting with nonphysical energies

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters various thoughts, impressions and images pop into my head when I am giving a Reiki healing session. What am I tapping into or communicating with? ~Catherine, United Kingdom

ANSWER:  Practitioners who commit themselves to a connection with the Universal Life Force Energy for the purpose of assisting others to bring their existence back into balance join a network of beings dedicated to that action. When you went through the “opening” process through the attunement into Reiki energy, you became part of the group of healers who are always ready, willing, and able to assist others.

Once you begin with your procedure, you connect to the “party line,” so to speak, and utilize the combined intention of the Reiki Masters and other light workers toward the goal you seek. What you are hearing and seeing is their joint communication to help synchronize the healing that is taking place.

They will occasionally send a message to you and the others that they have detected a blockage or disease that needs to have additional or special attention. You also sometimes hear or see their personal thoughts as they act as a conduit for the healing energy.

You have the ability to open the conversation, to ask and answer questions, and to engage in the discussions that are floating around. Just release your own thoughts, while concentrating on the flow of energy to the client, and engage in the dialogue around you.