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Being played for a chump

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

QUESTION:  Masters I have a man in my life who I have known for about 11 years. We have lost touched and re-connected many times. I feel very connected to him and sometimes feel so much love coming from him but then he will leave me for another woman, this has happened three times. It feels shattering, He’s often cruel to the other woman in his life but less so with me. Like he tries to shelter me. I love him so much and I feel lost every time he leaves. I’m not sure if he is a good person but I feel very close to him. What are our lessons? ~J.C., U.S.A

ANSWER: You are an easy touch for this philandering manipulator. He appears to treat you better than the others because he knows you will repeatedly accept him back regardless of what he has done. Your connection to him is a comfort in knowing exactly what he will do, a desire that he will stay longer this time, and the hope that he will at least return once again but sooner than before.

The love you think you feel coming from him is a reflection of your love, which you are sending to him. He is incapable of feeling or understanding what love is – for him it is all about the sexual act and the boosting of his ego when having total control of the situation. When he returns, you treat him like a returning hero and worship at his feet.

His “cruelty” is a reflection of the way he feels about all women. You only know the way he treats others because of things he has said, which is only the way he observes things from his egotistical vantage point. He can be very compassionate to get what he desires, but the world is all about him and his needs. Don’t fool yourself: you are just a means to an end for him.

You are infatuated with this “bad boy” image. He is not a person who would be considered good by most of society, even if admired by some men for his freedom of being able to go bed hopping.

Souls have freedom of choice, so you can continue to offer yourself up on the altar of this man’s “girl in every port” mentality or bring a sharing, caring person into your life who wants to create a stable, loving relationship. The choice is up to you; there are many, many more males out there.

Ego vs spiritual approach

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have realized that any fear related thoughts are ego based and human beings are brought up in a way that if we do not take life seriously we will be stuck behind in the race. My question is if every moment we do/say whatever we feel like doing/saying, just following our first intuition without having any doubt about it going wrong is this a spiritual approach to a situation? ~Sheen, India

ANSWER: What you are justifying in the action of society is the belief system that ego judgment is necessary to be a part of society. Planet Earth is a duality, so there is an equal amount of positive and negative energy drifting around.

Society is controlled by the ego mind, which takes every action of man and rates, grades, and judges it against some imaginary standard. If you meet the mark of the judge, then you are accepted as a contributing member of society; otherwise you are selfish, uneducated, and uncaring as far as they are concerned because you do not conform to their thinking.

Souls come to the duality so that they may work through the life lessons they chose to experience. These tests come in the form of a negative problem, and the solution is to understand the negativity and choose to take the positive course, which takes you out of the negativity.

When complying with the desires of societal ego control, one must be predictable and “follow the party line” in all actions undertaken. If people think for themselves, such as by following their intuition, they are no longer predictable and therefore a threat to the control of the ego.

The awareness of your essence as a soul, and the completion of your life lessons, comes with a shifting from being one of the flock of lemmings following the demands of others to doing only what feels right to you. In order to enter into unconditional love, the spiritual path, one must be concerned only with what is resonating within one’s own body. You no longer worry about what others will think.

One is only able to completely utilize their intuition and totally follow their feelings when they have finished all their lessons. Until then, they need the negativity and judgment in order to go through their process of learning.

Helping at the end of life

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am a professional Caregiver and lately deal with a lot of Souls who are making their transition over to the Spirit World. It is through illness or because off age! The hardest part for me is letting go and knowing they don’t have long left to live. I keep strong and keep smiling to make their life left on Earth as happy as I can for them. You build this trust and bond, it does make it harder to let go but it is so worthwhile at the end. I love my job and to take care of people, but for every caregiver its mentally hard to keep going and to keep smiling and not to give up! Masters just would like to know that all the people I cared for and made their transition over to the Spirit World are fine, I still think about every single one of them. ~Sylvia, United Kingdom

ANSWER: You are searching for a family, and your position allows for you to just get to the point of comfort when they move on. You are doing a fantastic service for these departing souls, but you yearn to be able to maintain the contact you have started to establish.

It is time to be honest with yourself and ask what, besides just doing the job as it is outlined, you seek from these interactions. You are going much beyond just taking care of the needs – physically, mentally, and emotionally – of these wonderful souls; you are taking them into your heart with a desire that they remain there. You understand that they are in transition, but you don’t fully accept that because of your need for continued companionship.

You have to understand that when souls leave the duality of Earth, with all its negativity, they enter an existence of unconditional love where they rejoin all the other souls they have spent time with in the present and past lives. There is no negativity, so there is no pain, no unhappiness, no distress, and no worry about what they experienced before arriving Home.

It is possible for you to visit with these souls at Home under a deep meditation, hypnosis, or while your soul travels when you are asleep. Put your intention out to the universe to do so and instruct your unconscious to provide the vehicle. But don’t forget to ask your soul to help you remember the contacts after you awaken.

It is time to also invest in honoring yourself for all the difficult work you do. Pamper your body, take up a new hobby, go for a long walk and commune with nature. While you are still here, it will help your clients if you have a bright perspective in the moment.