Preparation for dealing with energy

QUESTION: Masters I am an aura reading therapist, and there is an issue that prevents me from reading more often. what was transmitted to me is that to do the readings I would have to do a meditation and self-cleaning for 45 minutes., to be protected and clean. And I’m fighting with this issue for a long time, because that’s not what I feel.  What is your opinion is that true I should do that specific meditation Or a simple one? What should I do? What is the best solution? ~Tania, Portugal

ANSWER: There are no absolutes in the spiritual realm. What works for one practitioner will not work, or is not even necessary, for another to consider. Your teacher finds that what they told you is what is necessary for them to be cleansed and protected when they work. They have a larger amount of negative energy clinging to them than you have ever had.

It is important to protect oneself from the negative energies that abound. They are always drawn to lightworkers to try and absorb the positive energy that is used in assisting people with the help of spiritual energy. Reading the aura of another opens up all their negativity as well as the unconditional loving energy. It is vital to deflect this negativity from being transferred to yourself.

Grounding your own energy prior to working with another will make it easier to prevent contamination from your client. This does not take 45 minutes if you do it regularly. Also, if you ask your guides and the universal healing guides to be present and assist in keeping away discarnates, you will not have to worry as much about attack.

You are very sensitive to energy. Just be open to your sensations whenever working and you will be fantastic. You should not refrain from doing your work because of the fears and erroneous conceptions of another. Do what feels right for you; only you know how strong your protections are.