Is it time to heal others?

QUESTION: Masters while working in different jobs over the years I have noticed I tend to do healing unconsciously and now I finally feel being ready to do it more consciously. I feel drawn to do energy healing via painting, toning, singing or just radiating near the treatable person. For somehow visual figures and forms are part of this package which I hope is about to unfold. I am not religious, but I sometimes sense the vicinity of Christ or something alike and it expands my heart and makes me cry. Maybe it is healing my wounds before I am ready to heal others? I wish to meet likeminded and to find tools to create my own way to do this. Kind of looking for confirmation if this is real and not just my imagination. It is about the time to exist the way I came here for. ~Jenni, Finland

ANSWER: You are a natural healer because that is what you have done in many past lives and something you considered that you would do once you completed most of your life lessons. It is unconscious right now for you to automatically send energy to anyone in need of help in balancing up their physical form – what humans call healing.

In these past lives you have worked with a large set of healing souls who stand ready to assist with providing additional energy to enhance what you are doing. Archangel Raphael is the one who organizes the healing crew. His name comes from the Hebrew language and translates as “God’s Doctor”. It is his energy that you have detected being present when you are dispensing healing energy.

The basis of all energetic healing is the universal unconditional love vibration that is the essence of the Source and all souls when at Home. Anyone who is open to the exchange of energy using this Source cannot help but be emotionally affected by its presence. It reminds all of the bliss experienced when not in physically restrictive form.

There are many in your vicinity who are aware of, and using, healing energy. Watch for notices in spiritual places such as Unity or spiritualist churches and new age stores. Check out announcements for energy healing classes such as Reiki and therapeutic touch.

This is something you envisioned, so the opportunity just needs to be in your awareness. The degree to which you join in the movement is up to you. It is all “real” and not a part of your imagination. Create what you desire from all the possibilities.