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Elder souls

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, you have stated that elder souls choose more difficult lives. While I feel like an old soul, I cannot help but think that I am not affected enough by my life. When I have a low point in my life and deal with intense feelings, I get through it quickly. My life situations have not been glamorous, and I have been taken into a foster home because of a difficult family background. Four of my five siblings have been taken away by social workers as well. There are a lot of mental illnesses in my family, but I feel like I am just observing everything and guiding others. Though I must admit that observing life around me has taught me efficiently while giving me
many insights. I love life and treasure every moment. What exactly is “difficult”?
~J., Finland

ANSWER: Don’t worry about choosing an unencumbered, less-difficult life for once. You are an elder soul who has incarnated hundreds of times, and sometimes you choose to work on very difficult issues that you were unable to understand in a prior life, or something you have not tried before. Rarely, after a series of hard lives, you choose to come to share your wisdom and have a little rest and relaxation on the only place where you can enjoy the physical sensitivities of a human body.

You are learning and expanding your understanding and wisdom – as you have noticed – when you reface a previous lesson, remember how you handled it before, and send it on its way without difficulty. Your environment would be devastating to many, but because of your use of essential powers and abilities, it seems almost tame to you.

Observation allows a soul to learn many things from varying viewpoints all at the same time. And guiding others from your knowledge is a sacred task you have chosen throughout many lifetimes.

When we advise others that older souls choose more difficult lessons, we mean that they often want to complete something they started and were unable to finish in another incarnation. You are taking the time to step back from individual tasks, observe other possibilities you may not have considered, and pass on what you have learned to those in need.

Life is so full of love because you allow it. Continue on with this blissful existence – you never know what you will choose if you decide to come back.

Spiritual benefits of autism

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I live with an autistic child and it seems to me that he has a keen perception of the energies present. Is his autism an enhanced capacity for consciousness? Are autistic people naturally enlightened? ~Eu, Brazil

ANSWER: Autism is chosen by some souls in conjunction with the souls who will serve as their family and associates. Others use it as a platform for exploring human characteristics that do not occur in any other way. It may dovetail into life lessons they desire to learn or be selected as a challenging set of mannerisms to try and fit into society.

What you have observed in your child is not a choice of all souls choosing autism. Your son remains in contact with souls present on the Other Side of the veil and communicates energetically with them. He is completely aware of those in spirit form, so in that regard, he is naturally enlightened – if you use the standard of understanding your essence as a soul as an indicator of awareness. This is not, however, a consciousness within his human mind.

Since his contact with the mainstream of society is limited, he does not have to justify why he thinks and feels the way he does about things that others cannot see or perceive. When it comes to his interaction with spirits, he is unaware that he is rather unique in that perception. He has never been informed that “they do not exist” as a normal child would be told.

He is a perfect example for those who would allow themselves to see that if you are open to all possibilities, there is a lot that the majority of mankind is missing. In his case, autism gives him an innocence, so he is not questioned about this particular difference.

Where is my money?

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I have worked all my life, (almost retiring) but I’ve never had enough money to make my dreams come true. Why I don’t have enough money to buy a house, travel abroad with my children? All doors are locked to my dreams. Why? I pray for understanding and to be happy when other people are happy and their dreams are coming true (when mine are not). What am I doing wrongly? How can I go on? Help me please. I want wisdom to live my life! This planet is so beautiful, I’d like to travel and learn other cultures. I also want wisdom to guide my children as good human beings. ~Simone, Brazil

ANSWER: Where do you get the idea that you had planned to have a life anything different than you have experienced? Not everyone will be able to attain everything that they can possibly imagine within their lifetime. The important thing is that you have learned the lessons you came for and understand who you are as a soul.

Dreams can be totally unreasonable, and what happens for someone else may have been done merely for you to observe and learn from the observation. You chose the situation in which you find yourself. Making the best of what you have will bring you happiness if you allow it to.

Wisdom is the result of understanding what something is and why it has occurred. It is not just a knowing of the possibilities but the probabilities existing within your environment. It is an examination of the results of your choices and what you have learned from understanding them.

Your present situation does not have to continue unless you keep seeing it as the extent to which you can grow. When you consistently tell yourself you don’t have what you desire, the universe thinks that is the way you want to live, so it accommodates you.

When you retire, explore the possibility of volunteering in other lands. Study up on customs in places you would like to visit so you will fit right in. Express to your children that they do create their own realities but they have to have the building blocks before they can build it.