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Earth bound spirits

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters as my psychic abilities have opened up, I feel like I attract earthbound spirits. Are they being prevented from crossing over for a reason? Can they cross over any time when they are ready or do they need help? How can I help them? ~Jenny, United States

ANSWER: Souls choose to stay around Earth and not return to unconditional love out of fear. They have been indoctrinated by organized religion and society that they will be “judged” at the pearly gates, and if they think they have been bad, they believe they will be sent to eternal damnation in the fires of hell, so they choose not to go “there.” Also, some stay because they feel they have unfinished business, either to “get even” with someone, or to protect and complete something with those left behind.

A soul may pass over any time they choose. They do not need an escort, an invite, or a specific amount of time to elapse – all they need is to use their own intention to move from one dimension into the other. Those “frozen” in a fear state can be assisted by any kind soul on either side.

Just as in any phase of existence, a soul cannot be “told” what to do, since that interferes with their freedom of choice; the initiation of communication must begin with the soul. It needn’t be only a question about going Home; it might be a thought about getting tired of being attached to Earth. A guide from that life or a related soul will answer the request and give suggestions about cutting loose from the planet and moving on.

You have the ability to assist wayward souls who are confused and looking to move on to a reuniting with their essence. If they establish contact with you, you can inquire if they are looking to return to unconditional love. Inform them that there is nothing “out there” but love, and that hell does not exist unless they create it for themselves.

Ask if there is someone they wish to rejoin. Then tell them to call out for that person from the spirit world to come help them move through. The person, of course, must have preceded them into leaving their body. A living person will not be able to assist them with anything but suggestions. A spirit can come and take their hand and direct them Home.

From your perspective, encouragement, calm thinking, and dissuading superstitions will allow any stuck souls to move on to their place at Home.

Possibilities for a soul

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters it is said that a soul can be in more than one place at a time… So, is it possible for one soul to be incarnate in two bodies at the same time? Also… time, ‘at home’ is not linear as it is on earth, so is it possible for a soul to travel back in time to live a human life in the past? ~Jane, United Kingdom

ANSWER: A soul, in its energy essence, has the ability to be in more than one place at a time. Bodies are used for the purpose of learning life lessons on planet Earth and take most of the soul, and almost all of the awareness, to fulfill that task. When engaged in a teaching/learning process, the soul can only do one “in-body” at a time. It is impossible to be in total awareness and incarnate in more than one body at a time.

Those who have experienced past-life regressions, where they project themselves back into a prior incarnation, get the idea that they are living both at the same time, but the actual learning process is occurring in only one at a time. The visitation is to a re-creation of the studying done in another time and place.

When it comes to the choice a soul makes as to incarnate-type experiences, they may do so in any Earth time phase of their choosing. History buffs in the twenty-first century may get intrigued by life in the seventeenth century and decide their next life should be there – that is, if they remember it and it still seems important when they are making choices for a new life. One may also choose a situation in the “future” time of where they are currently existing.

Souls are omnipotent when it comes to choices and settings. Each has a council of twelve other souls who help them set up the parameters of the future learning scene. Again, no one makes the choices for the soul, but plenty of advice is available for the asking.

Chakras and communication

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I’d like to know how I can open my Chakras again, since they have been closed when I was very little because they were extremely open (I lived in the spiritual and physical dimensions at the same time, without knowing the difference). I miss that connection and the angels I saw and I feel that once I get to open them completely again I’ll have more ways to connect with the universe. I feel connected already but I think there’s more to explore, and I don’t really know how I can do that. ~Brenda, Brazil

ANSWER: Your chakras are not closed or you would not be able to feel or communicate with the other dimensions at all. What you have done is de-sensitize your human feelings from bringing the other realms into focus. When you were flipping from physical to nonphysical awareness, you focused on what you wanted to have the most contact with and disregarded the rest of the input.

All that is needed to regain this sensitivity is to have the intention to do so and to practice. You must believe it is possible and know you have the ability. Then concentrate on the nonphysical aspects of your world and bring them into a sharpness so that you can identify the beings with which you seek a connection.

You are concentrating on a belief that you need your physical body in order to make this connection. You would find it easier to allow your soul to leave your body during a meditation, sleep, or conscious astral projection. This is what you did when you were little. The possibilities are unlimited, so don’t let your thinking process restrict your potential.

Be sure that any time you reach out to make contact, you have protected yourself from the negative forces who are ready, willing, and able to mess with you if you haven’t set boundaries. Simply ask your guides, or the archangels, to cover you in unconditional love (white light) and prevent any negative entities from entering into your space and interfering with your travels.

If you wish to explore further out, look into out-of-body experiences, going to the gathering places of bodiless souls, and visiting other planets where souls have additional lives besides those on Earth. There are many groups who explore in this fashion. The Monroe Institute has experimented with these procedures for decades and even has some CD programs that assist in reaching heightened states of awareness.