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My crowded mind

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my query is regarding our inner self talks in our mind. I sense there is always many sides of a point goes on in my mind whenever there is some choice need to be made, hence this makes me confused about what path I should follow or should have followed. Can you please enlighten me how to relax and go with the flow when there are so many points of views in my head which are going on? ~Shini, India

ANSWER: Contained within your head is everything to which you have been exposed since entering that human form. This includes things that have been told to you, things that you have observed, and things that you have read. In addition, there is another section that is contributed by the unconscious aspects, including all the activity in which your soul has participated throughout all its incarnations of physicality. And if this isn’t enough, you also have access to communications from nonphysical beings, both those who are guiding you from the light and the discarnates if you allow them to add their opinions.

At the controls of all this information is you with your freedom of choice. You may determine what you permit to be of influence and what is just around for background noise. If you are looking for a way to pursue your life lessons and spiritual journey, you need to step out of ego judgment and into loving evaluation. This you do by rejecting any thoughts that come accompanied by judging, rating, or grading the possibilities they express.

Once you have removed the competitive suggestion, the next step is to run all the remaining proposals through your intuition, or your “feelings,” to see what resonates with you. There are a number of things you chose to have appear in your life, and these will be recognized by you if you evaluate them with your inner essence.

Don’t listen to what others have said because they are not in your shoes; they are not living your life. It does not serve you to worry about how some other choice might have worked out after the fact – just study and see what you learned from the choices with which you followed through.

Relax. Feel. Don’t be in a hurry to complete anything unless it feels totally the direction you seek. You can only really commit to one opinion at a time, so take your time to choose. If you find yourself fighting with an option, you have entered into judgment, so disregard it and move to something else.

Not being able to see

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am unable to generate clear mental images. I suppose I have a condition called aphantasia. Is there a spiritual or past life related reason for this? Or is it of physical origin and does it have to do with the pineal gland? Is there anything I can do to overcome this condition and be able to see with my mind’s eye like most of the people do? ~Hanna, Finland

ANSWER: Your first assumption, that “most” people can visualize clear mental images, is incorrect. The term “aphantasia” is a newly recognized word to describe people who are unable to conjure images with their minds. It is much more common than you believe. It can be naturally occurring or the result of a traumatic injury or neurological malfunction.

Many persons who have this condition are unaware of it unless they are on a spiritual path where they meditate and become a part of a group that uses visualization as a teaching aid. This is a naturally occurring condition for you this lifetime. You wanted to be really involved in your spiritual practices and decided to create a handicap that would make you dig deep and work hard to “feel” rather than “see” your connections to spirits and other people.

Energy sensations are important to you, and you can sense the “signature” of various souls by how they feel. Once you give up trying to “see” everything and imagine them according to how you feel in their presence, you will not miss the “pictures.” Instead of a seeing, things will be represented as a “knowing.”

If you work on seeing a mental image of a dear friend, you will only see a haze or darkness. If you concentrate on how that person feels and makes you feel when you are near, you will know the signature of that person and will be able to recall that sensation at will.

Missing pictures to a visualizer is like an inability to see to a blind person or not hearing sounds to someone who is deaf. Just as these souls can lead a “normal” existence without one of their five senses, you can find ways to survive without your mental images.

Trying to be who they want you to be

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my one love, husband, after 18 years cheated on me, had another life, we have a daughter who is 2 and we are divorcing. He also has a porn addiction and I was made to do things I did not want, I’m as heartbroken as they come. Is there any meaning in this misery, is this my karma? I was faithful and very good to this man; but my love wasn’t enough. Your guidance is appreciated more than you know. ~Julianna, USA

ANSWER: This is not “karma” because it is not a punishment for something you have done. It is a part of your life lesson in honoring yourself, having self-confidence, and not allowing yourself to be manipulated. From the beginning of this relationship you have done whatever your husband requested, suggested, or demanded without ever speaking up because you thought that was necessary to get him to love you.

He has always been a selfish, egotistical, manipulative narcissist who was only ever concerned about his own sexual satisfaction. At no time did he ever consider that you were equal to him, and his very last thought was that the marriage should ever approach a sharing union. He has rarely been faithful to you.

You became infatuated early with him and the thought that he wanted little old you. You have struggled throughout your lifetime with thinking you are not worthy of anything else and that a wife should be obedient in the marriage. This is a life lesson that can be understood and put to rest with a little work.

You are a piece of Source energy, the same as he is. You are as magnificent, powerful, and deserving as Source. Allow yourself to accept that and demand that you be honored as the beautiful soul you are.

As you leave the marriage, visualize an ideal situation and bring a sharing, wonderful man into your life. In all coming relationships, always speak your own truth. Do not say or do something because you sense the other person wants you to perform in a way other than is comfortable to you. Be yourself, honor yourself, and you will find stability and happiness.