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Love for stepdaughter

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I am a 42 year old man and my question is about my stepdaughter. I know her since 2 years old. When she was a child, I felt certain repulsion for her, for no apparent reason. When she became an adult, I began to feel strong attraction to her and I am now in love with her. I suspect she does not feel anything for me. Other times, I think she hides a reciprocal feeling. I know we cannot be together. We made love once. She asked me to stop this error and since then I’m trying to forget her. What kind of lesson would be behind it all? I feel confused and disoriented. I hope to receive some guidance to get me out of this problem. ~João, Brazil

ANSWER: You are battling your conscience, which is the result of belief-system rules created by society. This whole lesson concerns understanding discernment. Discernment is learning about judgment, taste, discretion, and sensitivity. You are very sensitive to energy and respond to it.

In the beginning, the feelings you had for your stepdaughter were the result of a negative residual energy she was carrying. As she aged and began making her own decisions, she shed that energy and became mostly positive. She is a beautiful soul with whom you have shared a number of different lifetimes. This familiarity is what draws you to her. It is easy and it is comfortable.

Your entire existence is currently being controlled by your sexual desires. You have become fixated on your stepdaughter and have done nothing to direct your energies in any other way. From a spiritual perspective nothing is right or wrong, but you are living in a third-dimensional, ego-based, judgment society that directs you to comply with their idea of propriety.

It is impossible to control others unless they consent to being controlled. Your stepdaughter feels the weight of society’s dictates and wants to be left alone by you so that she does not have to make the decision to ignore her feelings. Honor her life’s path. Let her find her own way through this life.

Explore your feelings for her mother and other suitable prospects. Understand that you are creating an impossible situation for her if you continue with your feelings for her. The decision is totally yours, but the impact can be devastating for your stepdaughter.

Changing another

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters about 8 months ago after I divorce I met a man and we fell deeply in love for each other and we’ve been living together since then. Now I’m pregnant of 12 weeks and I’m going to be a mother for the first time, and we are looking forward. The father is a lovely family guy, but he has a dark past and some psychological/emotional issues still to deal with, and he is very moody. He drinks almost every weekend and when he does I feel bad and sometimes it looks like he’s possessed by something evil. He made some compromises but difficult to stick with it. Masters, is this child coming to change our life for better and change his father into the better man that he can be? What can I do to help his transformation? ~Luciana, Finland

ANSWER: Every soul makes its own decisions through its universal freedom of choice. The soul of your child is aware of the situation between its parents and chose to come in order to witness and learn from the lessons you are sharing and working to complete.

There are no absolutes during one’s journey, just a series of interwoven decisions driving you in one direction or another. Your man has an addiction to which he has dedicated a large portion of his life. The introduction of a child will not automatically change the way he approaches his challenges. He has to make the choices that can change his behavior.

He drinks to escape his fears and anxiety. When he drinks, he opens himself to the negative energies that surround him; it is almost like a possession, but he has not invited any of them to enter into his body yet. He has a strong inner strength that he does not see. He sees only pain and fear. He must want to truly change and face the darkness inside.

Those psychological/emotional injuries from his past will remain until he routs them out. As long as he continues to run away through drink, he will never be whole. It is hoped that the love he feels for his child will encourage him to take the steps necessary to be the perfect father for the child and spouse for you.

Be there for him and help him by talking through his nightmares. Lack of communication is something that led to his misconceptions of the past. Don’t let him shy away from his truths. He does have it in him to change.

Sensitive to negativity

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I have had a strong spiritual connection all my life and a super sensitive nature with much love to share. There has also been much trauma in my 74 years. Lately it seems I have become even more sensitive to discarnate entities than I was in the past; at least I’m more aware that negative energies of others are having an impact on me. I live in a place with a high percentage of alcoholics and addicts, and such is also rampant in my own family, including two sons in their forties and fifties. There is such heartbreak for me with my sons, and a very real feeling of abandonment. What is the past life connection, and what can I do to clear and protect myself from the negativity around me? ~Annie, USA

ANSWER: You chose a number of lessons of which you have become completely aware – mainly addictions, abandonment, lack of control, energy intensification (empathy), and self-love issues. You have not particularly worked with any of these issues, with the exception of self-love, in the past.

You chose to come into an arena where you could see addiction first hand and then decide if it was a means for you to alter your life, or if you would just be an observer who would watch and attempt to assist loved ones who did not have your strength to resist.

You have “floated” over this sea of trauma, giving advice, sympathy, and a helping hand where possible. With each person, you have “picked up” on their fears and addictions and tried to mitigate them. This has taught you that no soul has the ability to control the decisions of another unless that person participates in selecting the choices. You have doubled your own heartache by both seeing and feeling the depression in which these people have allowed themselves to engage.

With your sensitivity, you are able to sense that you have been abandoned on your path to spiritual awareness, and that these souls have no desire to take your advice or accompany you on this fantastic journey. This makes you feel as if you have failed, but that is not so. You have remained faithful to yourself and the love you have for the work you have been doing.

It is time to realize that the decisions made by others are not going to change in the near future, if ever. To enrich your life at this point, you need to separate yourself from their negativity. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon them, but just protect yourself from their negativity by surrounding yourself with the unconditional love of your own Source energy.

Congratulate yourself on the fact that you have accomplished the lessons you came to learn, and watch the rest of the action from within a cocoon of love. Project it out to those you have sought to help so that they might find the answers to their own self-love.