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Energy differentiation

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, Energy is variously described in terms of different sources: positive, negative, sexual, spiritual, kundalini, universal life force energy… Could you please explain the difference between these different types of energy? ~Lina, Lithuania

ANSWER: Energy is everything that exists in whatever state you can perceive –physical and nonphysical – and everything you are aware of is energy. The word “energy” is a generic and descriptive term for the driving forces behind the things that cause action in a human being but whose origin is basically nonphysical. The word also may be modified by an adjective depicting the position or location where it can be found.

Planet Earth is composed of two forms of energy, which are called positive and negative. It was created in this form so that souls would have a place to learn how to make choices concerning understanding their nature. All souls come from the presence of Source (Home), from whom they were broken off and whose existence is pure perfection. They enter into the duality to experience imperfection.

Home is composed of all positive energy and referred to as unconditionally loving universal life force energy. This is because it embodies perfection and is the origin of all things. When a practitioner assists a client to return to perfect balance within their physical body, they draw in this life force energy to reset everything within that person’s physical makeup.

Sexual energy is the physical response of one person to another. It includes their physical, mental, and emotional reactions to the thoughts of, contact with, and communication with a “lover.” It even impacts the endocrine glands producing hormones that “call” one person to another and initiate things such as a desire to procreate or a demand to release sexually caused tension within the body.

Kundalini energy is an awareness of the flow of massive amounts of life force energy through the center of the human body. This allows a person to be able to sense their essential connection to Source and transport their consciousness at will to the presence of Home. If one activates this stream before they are emotionally ready, it can cause physical symptoms often confused with mental diseases.

Spiritual energy is perfection. It is unconditional love. It is awareness of all that exists and who each of you are and everything you have ever done in any life or form.

Creating reality

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I have a really nice job, something I really like, but over the time I’ve gotten less and less work. Sometimes I have only 2 hours work per week. I was told my skills don’t reach the needed level, which I understand. However, we have lots of work I can do fine, and I’m skilled in communication, but it’s shared with multiple other workers. Basically I need to “fight” to get my share of working hours. I’m very disheartened and I’ve been thinking of either changing the job or changing my thoughts to attract more work. My bosses understand that I can’t live with 15h/month salary and I’ve been told they’d like to keep me in the company and try to offer me more work. I’m confused, as everything happens for a reason. Why the lack of hours? ~Kati, Finland

ANSWER: You have become complacent and have allowed work to flow to you without the need to send requests out to the universe to bring it to you. You have permitted the only channel to be through your employer, and you are competing with all the other employees. Since no “advertising” was going out specifically from you, no responses were returned.

All souls are very powerful, but they have to take an active part in creating the environment around them. Do nothing, and nothing happens in return. Visualize work coming to you to fit your requirements, and it will appear.

Secondarily, you are being told both by your employer and the universe that it might be time to upgrade your knowledge. The world is constantly moving and if you don’t keep step, it will pass you by. Even though there is work you can do with your limited abilities, why not shoot for a broader palette of talent?

Your bosses do appreciate your communication skills and the enthusiasm you bring to the job, but they have to juggle what they are able to provide for you with all the other workers who share the same skill set. They would be very happy if you acquired more assets and might even assist you in obtaining them.

Your message here is that it is time to evaluate just where you are in abilities, needs, and potential. It is time to make some changes in order to be able to fulfill your needs. You have to become more engaged, one way or the other, to bring in more business, or to improve your general saleable knowledge.

Lack of interest in life

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I lately have come to believe that I have no purpose in this particular life. I feel I have achieved nothing, have no relationships, no close family, no partners or friends. Is there anything still waiting for me? I do not know how to motivate myself for anything and have lost interest in all and everyone around me. Why would I have chosen this way of life? I don’t feel as if I’ve learnt anything or taught anyone. Why should I even bother to carry on? ~Jack, Australia

ANSWER: You have always been the first one to follow the leader and to take advantage of the advice and instructions of family, teachers, and friends. This has been a very safe life because you have never had to be responsible for the outcome of any of the decisions made by others that you followed. Consequently, as each of these leaders has found other interests, you find yourself alone and without an idea of how to start making decisions or friendships, or where to go with your life.

When you step up and make choices for yourself, you are vested in the outcome and take notice of everything that is happening. When someone else is driving, you have no idea where you are or what you must do next. This life is about understanding that all the choices have to be yours in order for you to truly accomplish your goals for your journey through this human existence.

You chose these lessons and this way of life to see if you could find a path that integrated you into life in general and provided a direction for your future. Could you learn to make informed decisions that taught you about yourself?

Nothing that happens on Earth is right or wrong. You can hang up on your life if you choose, but then you really would have learned nothing during this whole time. You can also stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop sitting on the sidelines, and step into the fray of living.

First take an inventory of things that interest you. Is there any one of them that would provide for your needs? Start talking to people to see if you have anything in common with them. Mingle with others and really listen to what they have to say about the way they cope with life – not to follow their path directly, but to see how choices are made. Then step up to the plate and take a big swing at living.