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The soul at Home

Friday, August 29th, 2008


Q: Masters, I have been wondering how my mother is doing since her passing. I just want to tell her that I miss her and love her. Can you contact her and convey any messages that she has for me?

A: We wish to explain the events surrounding a soul’s return Home. Once  souls have completed a trip to planet Earth, they come back into the unconditional love of Home. This may be an easy transition if they have done it a number of times in the past, or it may be difficult because they do not wish to leave their physical life so readily.

Those who hang on to the physical are very confused in their orientation. They think that they should still be physical but notice that it is impossible to interact in their former manner. Most of their consciousness is consumed in remaining in contact with the physical. These souls are frequently seen by others, and we call them ghosts. Until they realize that they are no longer that former physical person, they cannot fully return Home and begin the debriefing process in which they integrate the lessons they have learned on Earth.

When souls reach the point of reviewing their physical experience, they examine how well they have understood the experiences they chose. Did they truly gain the wisdom of despair, self-loathing, abandonment, hatred, or any of the myriad possible lessons? If they did, they do not have to repeat similar circumstances. If they have not grasped the intricacies, they will repeat the lesson in a subsequent life.

Your mother has completed her transition and is aware of everything that is directed toward her. To tell her that you love and miss her all you have to do is think it or say it to her. She will hear.

Do you want to hear and talk to your deceased relatives and friends? Know that it is possible, ask them questions, listen for acknowledgment from their souls. Don’t expect a personal appearance, which is rather difficult for them to do. Don’t expect to hear their voices loud and clear. Listen to your own thoughts because they will usually communicate through them. Enjoy the conversation.

Exploring self

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008


Wow! How the energy of your planet is shifting! We spent the weekend at a Body, Mind, and Spirit Expo in Chicago with our beautiful helpers (Toni, Peter, and Sonia) and were gratified by the number of people new to the experience of awareness who attended the event.

As we have commented previously, the current planetary alignments in your galaxy are opening the pathways to easier communication between the dimensions. This allows “Earth-ordinary” people, those who have not lived in or been experiencing contact with the non-physical aspects of themselves, to become acquainted with these potentials.

At events like this, exposure to energy work, psychic contact, and crystal energy (to mention just a few of the possibilities) stimulates personal abilities which cannot be denied, so then they get accepted and new exploration begins. If you have a desire to explore messages delivered through tarot or astrology, or feel the pull of channeling universal energy to help yourself and others remove blockages and dis-ease, follow your heart and partake. We applaud all those who are acknowledging their true essence for the first time and venturing to express their previously hidden talents.

We are here to offer assistance if needed. We wish you to remember that all things are possible in your world. Your intentional energy determines what you are presented with to experience and how you interact with physical and non-physical facets of your being. As you say on your world, “Go for it, baby!”

Love, light, and laughter on your journey.

The Masters of the Spirit World

Growing up

Monday, August 25th, 2008


Q: Masters, I am becoming worried for my daughter. When she was young she was very sensitive and always came to me when she failed at anything. She is now in college, and I have noticed that when she is unsuccessful with something, she becomes depressed and goes within and shuts me out completely. What can I do to help her?

A: You are witnessing your daughter growing up. In the past you have taken all of her problems and made them go away. She never had to deal with the consequences of her actions. You told her that everything would be all right and to forget about the problems, that they couldn’t hurt her.

Your daughter never received a sense of limits—what she could accomplish and what was not a strength. You fought even the tiny battles of childhood, the traumas of adolescents, and if given the chance you would insulate her from the big bad world of adulthood. You thought that was the duty of parenthood.

She is taking control of her life and examining her possibilities. Since she hasn’t had much experience, it is not an easy thing for her and she has to go within to see how she feels about things. All she is used to hearing is your voice giving her counsel, and see needs the quiet to hear her own inner voice. It may appear to be a depression but it is only contemplation. She is taking the first baby steps of assuming self responsibility.

You both will get through this. You will have your daughter back, but the grounds rules will be different: she will be making her own evaluation of  situations.