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Suicide and society

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I want to know your teachings about suicide. I am a health professional and our background support the life defense paradigm. So, we work to prevent and intervene in situations of ideation, attempted suicide and consummate suicide, being considered a public health problem. What teachings can clarify about free will and the health intervention? ~Duda, Brazil

ANSWER: Every soul has the freedom of choice to determine what they wish to learn when they have incarnated on Earth. One valid lesson is suicide. They may have agreed with some other souls to be the subject so that all can experience the trauma. Or they may be overwhelmed from trying to do more than they are capable of completing in one lifetime, and they want to exit this existence and come back later with fewer challenges.

Some souls even choose it as a lesson to deal with the societal feelings about suicide – the very things with which you deal in your work. Society doesn’t want to lose any of its potential citizens, so it seeks, through therapists, to discourage suicide by counseling those who are considering it as an alternative to remaining.

In the case of those souls who have chosen to work with suicide as a life lesson, you are assisting them with their understanding about it. Regardless of your therapies, they still have the freedom to listen and comprehend your position or to deny that they wish to change their opinions and future actions.

To truly learn a lesson, a soul has to explore all aspects of it and the implications of the various choices connected to it. You are providing them a list of choices in dealing with their lesson – options they may never have considered. You really don’t have a choice to exercise if you are unaware of what the options are.

Of course, these are not issues dealt with in a professional school, unless it has a spiritual basis. Continue doing your job as it has been taught to you, understanding that it is still up to each soul to make their own choices once they know what they are, and what you do cannot influence them unless they allow it to do so.

Global warming

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters is global warming a conspiracy theory or not? ~Anonymous, USA

ANSWER: Global warming, as a scientific action on planet Earth, is not a conspiracy theory. The twentieth century had the highest recorded temperatures in history. The glaciers are melting, causing the sea levels to rise and the waters to warm, thereby producing more cyclonic activity and forcing inclement weather further inland. Crops are being affected, forestation is burning at record percentages, and seasons as you know them are changing.

The problem children are gases being produced that change the atmosphere. The protective ozone layer around the planet, which shields you from the rays of the sun, is breaking apart. This allows in more radiation, which produces heat.

Global warming, unfortunately, is caused by the human race polluting the air and water with the byproducts of daily life and industry. It is fixable right now but in twenty years may pass the no-return state if nothing is done. The hang up is people not wanting to give up luxuries and industry not wanting to spend the money to reduce pollution from factories.

Those whose money is needed to make changes are the ones who are staunch supporters of global warming as a conspiracy theory. If they can convince the public that there is no such phenomenon, there will not be a clamoring for them to spend their profits to reduce the effects of their cash cows.

Three days of darkness

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters what about the 3 days of darkness “event” that so many comment upon? Will these three days of darkness really happen? If I know your teachings will they happen if I believe more if I don’t believe any of it will come like this? ~Beto, BRAZIL

ANSWER: This is primarily a teaching of parts of the Catholic church compiled from the prophecies of 17th- and 18th-century channelers and various interpretations of biblical passages. As with all channeled material, it is a reading of the energy patterns at the time of the reading and can be modified by actions subsequent to that moment in time.

The concept first took root from the telling of the plagues Moses helped bring down on Egypt when he wanted the pharaoh to release the Israelites, as found in the book of Exodus. Since there is no Earth time outside of planet Earth, prophecies delivered to humans may be backward facing as well as forward facing in time.

As you are aware, souls having a human experience create the reality within which they live in order to complete the life lessons they chose before coming. If you wish, you could help manufacture three days of darkness if you feel you need to experience that phenomenon. It is always possible to place yourself in any situation you desire to experience.

Another incidence of darkness could occur on the planet if a polar shift happens. This has taken place in the past (but not during the lifetimes of any current residents) on several occasions when all electrical, mechanical, and energetic motion ceased while the Earth re-oriented itself. This occurrence was approaching a number of years ago, but the energetic efforts of Lightworkers reversed the tilt and brought magnetic North closer to due North.