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Must I be in a relationship?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I feel like relationships aren’t for me. I have had only one serious relationship and my last one two years ago ended fast. I don’t feel like I can actually be with anybody. Is it ok to be alone? Do I have to find somebody? I used to want someone but now I enjoy being alone instead. ~Emma, Australia

ANSWER: All souls have freedom of choice, but they don’t realize it if they are unaware of what the potential choices are. In order for a society to exist it must propagate itself, and in order to do that the male and female populations must mate and increase. These are beliefs that are ingrained in all humans as they are being raised. You must have a mate; you must produce children for the continuation of society.

This belief is like all the other ones instilled in you since birth. Listen to your elders because they always know what to do; don’t talk to strangers – they may be predators; treat even the bad people the way you would like to be treated; you will be rewarded for your good deeds and doing as you are expected. These beliefs stick with you until you analyze them and see that they may not be the way you wish to live, so you discard some and change others. This is the recognition of your choices in life.

Not all souls come to the planet to have romantic relationships. Some are on a path of exploration of what they alone can do without committing to unions that prevent them from being able to do whatever and whenever they want. You have no obligation to have a partner, to get married, or to have children in this lifetime. You have done it in many past lives, and this time you wished to experience living on your own.

You are accepting responsibility for your choices and learning from them. You are not being hindered in your decisions by an obligation to a spouse. There are no rules in a spiritual sense. Right now you need your independence to fulfill your goal of finding out who you are as a person. Don’t let other people’s beliefs try to control your life. Be yourself, and honor the fact that you can and are doing just that.

Create whatever type of reality you desire. Know you have the ability to change it at any time that you feel a need. Enjoy life, embrace your journey.

Two souls, one body

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters this may sound a bit strange, but a friend of mine has two souls residing in her body. She doesn’t particularly like the second soul, but I do. Is there a way for me to take on this second soul myself? ~Ayla, United States

ANSWER: There are two souls within your friend because she allowed a discarnate soul, someone who died but did not wish to go back to unconditional love, to enter into her during a time of loneliness. Another soul can become a part of you only with your permission. Most of the time the receiver is unaware of what they are doing. Almost all discarnates are composed of negative energy that cannot stand  positive, loving energy.

It can happen like this: A wandering soul wants to have access to a body so it starts talking to a person, saying how lonely it is and how much better it would feel if they let this bodiless soul share their body. The live person wants companionship so they consent. Once inside, the discarnate then tries to take over its host. This is why your friend does not like her hitchhiker; she feels her control over her own body being eroded.

The host has the ability to get rid of the intruder but it can sometimes require assistance. This entity senses that it is about to get sent packing, so it is working on you to get you to let it change ships. It is being extremely nice to you now, just like it did with your friend, because it wants your permission to take it on. If you permit this transfer, you will then be greeted with a totally different personality from the one you perceive right now.

All experiences one has while in the duality of Earth are for the purpose of learning, so nothing is right or wrong. You are being courted and played by this being. It is aware of all your insecurities and your need to be needed. It feels you would be very easy to control and then it could use your body for its own diversions.

If you so desperately want a relationship, this one will not be fulfilling. Look to another human. You bring to yourself what you need to experience, and this is a test to see how serious you are in working to find love. The choices are yours.

Why heal the body of an eternal soul?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I come to you with deep doubt about one matter in particular. If the soul is forever, if we keep coming back to 3rd dimensional bodies to learn and experience things, why do we need to heal? By heal I mean align our chakras and correct our energies as many treatments teach on Earth. ~Marcus, Brazil

ANSWER: You are talking about one of the methods by which the soul learns. Say, for instance, that a soul wishes to see what faith in oneself or trust in another feels like. This can be accomplished by working on “correcting” a health issue through visualization, with various self-administered energy healing techniques, or by trusting and having the faith that an energy healer will bring their body back into balance.

The soul is eternal, it never dies, but it plays many roles in its education process. This is done in the many lifetimes in which it takes on a physical form to experience the duality of humanhood. The soul wishes to have specific learning experiences and to accept that it has the freedom of choice to turn them into wisdom with which to enjoy their physical sensations.

Part of the spiritual enlightenment awareness has to do with acknowledging that there is such a thing as nonphysical activities affecting the physical body. Third-dimensional society does not generally accept that energy healing even exists, much less that it can actually correct physical ailments.

One has to be able to sense their own energy in order to understand that balancing the body makes them feel better. Everything that a human “suffers” interferes with their physical, mental, and emotional levels. To completely balance themselves, they need to reset their energies to baseline or starting points. This can be done through the practices that you have mentioned.

Life lessons are designed to exist in negativity. The understanding of them, and therefore learning, takes place by bringing them into a positive format. How a soul performs that is up to them, but one way is through the use of metaphysical healing techniques that they have to acknowledge and in which they have to have faith that they will accomplish their goal.