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Is grounding a necessity?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, for most of my life I have been feeling as if I am observing events from the outside or from above instead of being directly involved in them. It started as a child, and continues as an adult. I often feel detached, and only recently, after a “grounding” Reiki session, I started feeling as if I am fully present in my body rather than in another dimension more “real” than this place. Is this something I am supposed to experience in this life or is it an unhealthy state of being that I should work on fixing? I try to be involved, active and friendly with people but often find it difficult to completely connect to people and situations. I feel I can connect to their energies but not to their “personalities.” ~Daniel, Switzerland

ANSWER: Souls come to Earth for many reasons and to have extremely varied experiences. You were ambivalent about this lifetime so you did not commit fully to duality-based lessons. The sensations of floating are the result of, as you have stated, not being concretely grounded into the human plane. There is nothing wrong with your condition unless you want more of the physical experience—in which case you will have to get more grounded.

Grounding is a state of awareness dictated by the vibrational level of your consciousness. If you wish to share the vibration of the human body, you will be “present” in the third-dimension heaviness of each cell. When you wish to commune with non-physical spirits, or not be confined to physicality, you float in a different plane. It is possible to alternate, but that can result in confusion.

The Reiki session brought Earth and universal energy into the container that is your body. It gave you the feeling of a totally human life. If you wish to continue getting this type of input from the duality-style living, bring in the physical energies on a regular basis and they will allow you that focus.

You are able to relate to people’s energy, better than their physical characteristics, because when you are floating you are mixing with the energies that connect them to their non-physical aspects. Personalities are the Earthly representations of the soul and need the duality energy to be perceived.

Neither way of living is mandated for a soul’s journey. Learning can only take place in the grounded venue. You have the freedom to choose your location.

Can’t stick with a decision

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I often contradict myself and contradict my decision made even though I decided to do something. I feel that I will lose my integrity and nobody believes me anymore. Am I on the right path? What should I do next? ~June, Singapore

ANSWER: When was the last time you found yourself totally without fear? When could you truthfully admit you had faith in yourself and your decisions? When was the last time you listened to and trusted your intuition? Did you ever feel you knew who you were? Your vacillation back and forth results from not feeling you should take responsibility for your decisions.

First thing you need to do is wake up and be present in the moment. When your attention is only on what you are doing right now you do not even think about the past or the future. What this does is allow you to access your feelings and see what your inner self—your higher self—tells you is the right thing for you at that moment. Ignore what might have been right or wrong for you in the past.

If your “word,” about what you are going to do or what you think, never stays the same, people will disregard you as not being dependable. Would you trust a person whose willingness to help you keeps changing? If you don’t know what you believe, you cannot tell someone else, and you appear to be presenting different views to different people, which to most appears as if you seek to be dishonest.

Your path is to learn to know yourself and your abilities. Connect with your soul, that feeling of unconditional love within. Always ask what you feel about a situation, not what you think about it. Let your decisions come from your feelings. Don’t let yourself be influenced by the contradictory information that flows from society. Whenever there is more than one person, there are multiple ideas as to what you should do. Take responsibility for your life and the way you are going to live it—that is your path.

What’s the lesson in our lessons?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, can you please give some examples of what “lessons” are to be learned from poverty, cancer (where succumbing is intended), being attacked, loss of limbs, mental disability, earthquakes? They don’t have obvious lessons, but seem to be something the soul just wants to experience. I understand that a soul may want to experience what it feels like to die from cancer, but what is to be learned? Or is simply experiencing the point? Also, if my soul has decided that I will die from cancer, then while on Earth I have no choice in the matter and can’t avoid it, even with positive thinkingcorrect? It does make us seem like uninvolved game pieces in a game played by non-physical souls. I know we are our souls, but that’s cold comfort when you’re down here. Can we and how do we change our reality/create our reality? Using Abraham’s principles? ~Tanudja, Australia

ANSWER: “Obvious” is a matter of perception. You have to be within the affected persons/souls to experience what they are feeling. We can intellectually know what others know but we can never have a sense of their inner feelings and what they are learning from their life situations.

In the “events” you have mentioned above there are hundreds of scenarios that evolve from each root cause. Let’s say you’re in an earthquake. You may lose your physical life, and the actions in and around the transitions out of your body may test your acceptance of self, your fears, your doubts, and your knowledge. It may be peaceful, fearful, rapid, or agonizingly slow. You may return Home immediately, create a way-station for yourself, or decide to stick around as a discarnate to complete a task or to seek revenge for a perceived wrong.

The lesson may involve being a survivor with a fistful of guilt, should-haves, and would-haves that create a hell for you until you can work through the emotional lessons. Your job may involve helping survivors to heal mentally and physically. Or possibly you may need to experience abandonment by all your loved ones. As you can see, nothing is definite or simple, and one person may experience several of your examples in one life on Earth.

The soul does have freedom of choice in the way it lives its life. It can choose to be an active participant, to learn and use the knowledge to move forward, or it can choose to be driftwood being bashed about by the surf. Abraham and others have given pathways to create the possible changes.