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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I am caught in this tumultuous spin where I no longer have transportation (my car was totaled), my ex-boyfriend got arrested for domestic assault (against me), I lost my job—all in the last month! Although I am excited about the opportunities presented to me by all these changes, I am feeling overwhelmed. The only way I can figure to deal with all this is to go find my true home on planet Earth. I am not sure if this is the proper course of action. What should I be doing?      ~Anya, USA

ANSWER: When you planned to begin a whole new phase of your life you did it big time. You made sure that nothing of the past was going to interfere with the future. Now your question is where do I go from here? And the answer is wherever you want to go. There is no “perfect” place for you, no “true” home. Your only physical home is where you are at the moment.

Now, this is not to say that there may not be places on this planet that will feel better to you than other places. These you can find through being totally open to the energy of a location and seeing how you feel while there. Sometimes, if there is a particular resonance that comforts you it may even be possible to feel that way through examining a picture of a locale that you have never visited. When you have found such a place it is time for the old freedom of choice to come into play: Is it good enough to move myself there?

You will find that when an area feels good to you, other things just fall into place, such as a new job, a beautiful home, and people who relate easily to you. In other words, you should be out looking and feeling your way into different situations. Baby steps, one at a time, would be your next order of business.

Intention is also very important at this time. Be very clear what it is that you are trying to manifest. Why don’t you write down a description of your perfect place? Be specific and it will help bring that energy to you and clarify for you what your living needs are.

Twin flames or soul mates?

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have been with my current partner for about 11 years. My question: Is he my “twin flame” or just someone enabling me to remember more of myself by being present with me?      ~Mar, USA

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question on twin souls. I have been told that a friend of mine who lives in England is my twin soul. We have had many lifetimes of helping each other grow. Now we are not speaking. I would like to contact her, but feel that any contact just upsets her. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to get our friendship back on track.   ~Beth, USA

ANSWER: Many of you are asking questions about twin flames or twin souls. We use this term to refer to the last energetic fragment of Source that broke off at the same time as your soul. For a time, you were joined to that fragment of Source just like Siamese twins are connected. During that time you felt and shared all the same wants, desires, and feelings of your twin. Others use this term to refer to a physically romantic relationship that is particularly intense.

Now that you have decided to incarnate and spend time on planet Earth, meeting that spark ignites all the old memories within you of Home and of the magnificent unconditional love. Coming into contact with a twin soul is shocking to the physical being because it stimulates spontaneously all the non-physical abilities you two have previously shared. You want to spend time with each other and do nothing but exist in each other’s presence. For this reason, twin souls do not plan to spend time together very often at all while experiencing Earth.

You do, however, choose to spend a good amount of time with members of what we call your soul group. This group is roughly the equivalent of a human family and  its extended family members. They all came into being at about the same time that you did, and you spend the majority of your lifetimes making contracts with them to help you learn your desired lessons.

For both questioners, the people you mention are soul mates of yours, not twin flames. You have each spent a considerable amount of time working with the other person. In the first instance, as you spend additional time on Earth you are beginning to remember other lifetimes you had together and this is stimulating memories. In the second instance, you and your friend have completed the contracts you made for this lifetime and she no longer feels any connection to you. You are also on different spiritual pathways at this time.

Internal conflict

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have a number of chronic health conditions I feel I have brought on myself, and I cannot seem to overcome or accept them. I no longer know what to do. Many times recently, I have wanted to “check out” or run away from this life. In theory I understand the need for affirmations and positive thinking, but I am unable to believe this. I treat myself to a lot of negative self-talk, calling myself “a fat cow,” “useless,” etc. I feel physical limitations trap me. I am like a ghost in my own home. I hover around and feel there is no longer any place for me. Very little interests me or gets me excited. I have sought all types of help but realize any change must come from within. I feel that my psyche is under lock and key—it just won’t release. I often hate myself and then berate myself for feeling that way. Most times I just want to hide or sleep. I know these are depression symptoms, but even with medication, they continue. I am very discouraged. Please help me.                  ~Darlene, Canada

ANSWER: You are well aware of the reason for your problems but you have not admitted it to yourself. You do not love yourself; as a matter of fact you hate yourself. This lack of love makes it easy to be as nasty to yourself as you believe you deserve. You will not allow yourself to go into the causes of your thinking because it would be too painful for you. This you explain by saying your psyche is under lock and key and that it won’t release. Well, who has the key?

Nobody is going to be able to help you until you accept that all these negative situations have come to you because you are generating nothing but negativity. Love is the opposite of negativity. Accept the possibility that you deserve to be loved. You are a soul that came from the same place as all other souls, so why do you feel that you deserve less love than other souls?

After accepting the truth about your current condition, then believe that you can change. If you feel you cannot change, then you won’t. After you believe you can change, then work yourself into a place of knowing that it is possible for you to begin the process. After you know that you can do something, it is almost easy to begin doing it. When you begin allowing yourself to love and be loved, the negativity will start to disperse. As the negativity goes, you will feel the love around you and no longer hate yourself. Then you will become a person who can evaluate and deal with the situations which create a life other than what you desire.

The steps to change, therefore, are: accepting, believing, knowing, allowing, and becoming. Each action requires the desire to seriously change—so that is a pre-condition to having a fulfilling life.