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Coveting someone

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have a nephew who is a crystal child. We clicked from his birth and seem to have a psychic connection. His father tries all he can to keep me away from him. I love this child as if my own and he is a source of inspiration. I miss him and think of him daily. I do not want to alienate him or his father. What shall I do? What should I learn from this? Is this child of any significance in my life? ~Jw, South Africa

ANSWER: Your nephew, his father, and you agreed to assist each other with a number of Earth life lessons. The father feels the intensity of your connection to his son and fears that your nephew will ultimately love you more than he will his own father. These are lessons of lacking self-confidence, jealousy, possessiveness, and not being able to exhibit unconditional love for a child.

The child is here to spread love to all, to open others up to the energy that connects each of you and to share his talents, which will develop. He will choose, or not, to further enhance his psychic abilities. Some of his life decisions will depend on his interaction with his father. This loving soul chose the father he was born to in order to have the journey he is on; it is not your place to say otherwise.

Your lessons include being able to honor the choices of others, not needing to take control of others, and the discretion to know when you have no right to interfere with a situation. You will have a large part in this boy’s life but not at this time. You need to step back and let his cellular family help him find his choices at the moment.

Observe the situation from a respectable distance and be available when they wish to have you involved in the boy’s life. You will be able to monitor what he is doing from a distance and from your psychic connection with him. When he is older and has found his path and passion, you will be a part of that aspect of his existence.

Life lessons from pets

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters. I had a strong connection to our pet from the minute I seen its photo for the 1st time. It was blind its whole life, suffering in its own way. I loved our pet like my own child as I nurtured it like an infant due to its disabilities. It’s been 3 days since I had to put our beloved pet “to sleep”. It was not a “conventional one”, but as humane & ethical as possible. I’m sad to think it may still be suffering alone in darkness. I love, miss it & I also feel really guilty that I had to put it to rest by my “own means”. Does it finally have its eyesight back? Is it still with us in spirit? Does it still need my help? How can I come to terms with this “unconventional means?” ~Roxanne, United States

ANSWER: Your pet did not suffer its whole life – it lived a loved comfortable life. When one has a disability, it does not miss what it does not know it should be able to do. When animals lose a leg to an accident or illness, they adapt and live very full lives. Once it leaves the enclosure of a physical body, all energy returns to unconditional love.

Your problem with the life of your pet was the fact that you identified with the animal and saw yourself in its body. You have always felt handicapped emotionally and physically when compared with others. This is a lesson you came to learn how to deal with. You have a tendency to see all things as negative and bad instead of as blessings leading to fulfillment. You cared for this pet as you desired to have others treat you. Your whole existence became the care of your child.

You carry guilt of your own creation for the transition of your pet. Returning to unconditional love, where energy exists without encumbrance, is perfection. The manner of transition is immaterial to the energy once it is free of the body. It was time for your pet to move on, just as it is time for you to re-examine this encounter and see the lessons it brought.

All souls have freedom of choice to live as they desire, and to take each instance of negative conflict and choose to reject the negativity and replace it with positive love. All lessons come to you as negative experiences. You then decide to keep the negatives (disabilities) around or to find the way to deal with them and work with your abilities until you only see the positive possibilities.

The truth behind the “plan”

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, how can we understand God’s plan for us, if we can’t hear what he says? I try to meditate, to pray but often I have the feeling I am by myself here, to make mistakes and suffer. Sometimes I get angry with God for letting me be so alone. How can I open my third eye and see all that I can’t see? ~Adriana, Brazil

ANSWER: We would like you to consider some of our teachings. All souls are pieces broken off from the Source of all energy, and have the same powers and abilities that Source possesses. When at Home, in its unconditional love, the soul sees everything as perfection. In order to appreciate how magnificent the soul is, it chooses to come to the duality of Earth in order to learn about its powers using its freedom of choice to experience scenarios of its own choosing. That said, my dear, the plan is yours!

No one else decides what you wish to do while on Earth. There is no one, no single Supreme Being, making all the decisions and telling you what you must do – those choices are up to you. When you learn to listen to your higher self and your advisors (guides), they will give you suggestions only – they will never dictate to you. Freedom of choice, taking responsibility for life’s direction, is the main purpose you are here.

You are alone only if you allow yourself to be. There are billions of other souls both in physical and nonphysical forms. Open to the “feelings” of energy around you – that is the first step to “hearing” advice and suggestions. The third eye is not a seeing instrument at all; it is merely an awareness of what is all around. The term “living in the moment” is an example of an open third eye. You can see, hear, feel, and know exactly what is going on.

You have cut yourself off from self-love by accepting the negative concept of abandonment and loneliness. Honor the fact that you had the courage and tenacity to come to Earth to experience the problems you face. Love that you are in the driver’s seat, if you accept that about yourself. Reach out and connect with the universal unconditional love that is there for all who embrace it. Rid yourself of the negativity that controls you and replace it with the love of the adventure you are on.