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Unmanageable relatives

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I try hard to live in peace with everyone. I have a lovely family, a nice job and enough for my children. However my mother in law and her daughter are mad people and although I just see them 3 times a year, they have a significant influence on my husband and indirectly in me. Why? Why do I have these people in my life and in a way I cannot handle them? It is such bad energy when I see them that it takes a few days to clean myself. How can I resolve this? Divorce? ~Raquel, Portugal

ANSWER: These people are in your life so that you might sit back, remove yourself from the dramas created by them, and decide what you want to do in light of the possibilities: in other words, it is a life lesson. When it comes to the rest of the people and family around you, things run smoothly, giving you a sense of what can be.

Part one of your lesson is accepting that you cannot have an influence on anyone who does not wish to give you that ability. Control is an illusion because each person has the freedom to choose how to behave and whom to respect. Your husband’s family does not feel you are good enough for him and, therefore, treat you like dirt. They have to decide to change this opinion; nothing you do will have an effect.

Part two is deciding how you wish to react to their insensitivity. You may let it continue to affect you as it has until now, or you can ignore it, acknowledging that it is coming from people who don’t recognize what a fantastic person you are. Letting their behavior bother you is saying that they have power over the way you think about yourself. They are ignorant, opinionated, unhappy women who seek to win back the affection of your husband from you. They are immersed in negative, hateful energy, and that is what you have to spend so much time getting rid of after a visit.

The next step is up to you. Your husband is unaware of the extent to which they try to influence your life, and also how much their thinking affects him. Have a long conversation with him explaining your situation and your desire not to have to be affected by it any longer. Based on his side of the exchange, make your next decision.

Why all the anger?

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

QUESTION:  Masters, I would like to understand the reason for the amount of anger that I’m continuing to hold in my body which seems overwhelming a lot of times and would love a spiritual perspective on managing this. I also seem to struggle a lot with being comfortable on the physical plane – I feel like I’m unable to make connections with most of the people I encounter…would be wonderful if I could understand why. ~Irene, India

ANSWER: There are only two kinds of energy on planet Earth: positive and negative. Positive energy is love in all its magnificent sensations. Negative energy is fear in all its permutations: anger, hatred, doubt, loathing, betrayal, revenge –  anything that is not love. You have been holding on to negativity and not letting love replace it within your being.

All people have freedom of choice concerning the actions in their life. Most people in this third-dimensional Earth plane cling to negativity because it is what they feel most. Life lessons come to everyone in the form of negativity so people are more comfortable with it. Don’t the people you come in contact with spend most of their time talking about what is wrong with them, lack of money, illnesses, trouble with family? Few talk about beautiful sunsets, possibilities, or successes.

As for you, when things don’t work out the way you expected them to, you feel angry. When others don’t perform the way you want, you feel angry. You are harnessed to your expectations. That is a need to control, and it is impossible to control others unless they consent. Your comfort level also has to do with your expectations of what you want others to do and how you want to be treated. If you were not so demanding in your expectations, the world would flow around you and interact peacefully with you.

You first need to set aside your expectations. Stop and observe the world around you. Find the beauty and discard the ugliness. Feel the love that is inside you and let it grow to cover the negative anger you have built around you. See that love extending out into the universe – it will become a beacon to draw loving people to you. Relax, and whenever you sense negativity – anger or otherwise – turn it into love for the magnificent journey you are undertaking.


Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have depression and OCD, later through a reading I did for myself, I found out that those psychological issues are a karmic residue or lesson. Can you tell me more about it? I mean is it a punishment? Did I do something wrong in a previous incarnation to end up having those problems? Can you tell me anything about the past life that those psychological problems have their root? I mean the root of the karmic lesson which requires me to have depression and OCD now. ~Harry, Greece

ANSWER: It is very difficult for one to do a reading for oneself. In order to connect fully to the unconscious and hear the higher self, one must completely disconnect from the ego mind. When people go into a meditative state with a question of their own making, they carry with it suggestions for the answer they seek from the thinking or ego mind. In other words, it is almost impossible to get a completely unbiased answer for oneself.

Depression, a lack of an impression of who you are, and OCD are physical conditions that present in life as lessons from which a soul may learn about itself and how to turn negative issues into positive wisdom.

Life lessons are chosen by each soul before it comes to Earth (incarnates). The decisions are made at Home in the unconditional loving environment one occupies when not in the duality of Earth. They arise in all positive, unconditionally loving energy and therefore cannot be negative or considered to be a punishment.

Only on Earth is there negativity. Therefore, only when in the physical is there punishment, retribution, or revenge. Karma, as believed in Eastern philosophies to be a tit for tat, a result of some wrongfully carried out life, simply does not exist.

The only time a lesson carries over from one lifetime to another is by the soul’s choice. The soul may decide it did not learn everything it wanted to from a particular situation and chose to see if repeating it in another life would bring better understanding.

We cannot tell you the reason you chose these lessons; that would be like giving you the answers to a course’s final exam before you took the class. As with all lessons, ask why a particular thing is happening to you and why you feel the way you do about it. You can then change the way you deal with issues and learn how to reshape your life based on your freedom of choice.