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Faith in your feelings

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, recently I’ve been studying and researching reincarnation and Old Souls, as far back as I cn remember I’ve always had an interest in non-traditional belief systems and have questioned mainstream religion and teachings and have had ongoing debates with folks who think that my way of thinking is wrong in their eyes. Why is it so clear to me that there are many paths to the light even if they are all different they lead to the same thing. ~Lilly, USA

ANSWER: You have fully understood the soul’s ability to have freedom of choice concerning all factors in their human life. You have put aside beliefs that others have tried to force you to use to regulate your life. You have used your intuition and inner feelings to accept those beliefs which resonate with you.

While you have succeeded in learning this lesson you have not dealt well with your lesson on honoring yourself and ignoring the heckling from others about the way you have chosen to lead your life.

You live in a duality of positive and negative energies. People can only learn about themselves in such an environment by first finding they can have choices, then discovering what they are, and finally making the decision to choose their own from those available.

Since lessons require negativity, most of society feels more comfortable using negative patterns of behavior. It takes a long time for a soul to realize it hasn’t taken responsibility for its journey until it has made its own decisions. Some people spend their whole life letting others tell them what to do and what to believe. They don’t want to be “wrong” or different from the preaching of the majority of society.

So what if those you come in contact with don’t want to buck their parents, teachers, churches and society? You can share the path you have found that works for you but they must find their own. What they say and do can only irritate you if you allow it to. Relax and let them find their own path if it is a part of the lesson they chose for this lifetime.

It is perfectly all right to try and share your knowledge with others but don’t be vested in how they accept or reject your beliefs. Go back to your inner feelings and live with what works for you.

More than one love

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, after several years of marriage, and two daughters, my wife was unhappy with the marriage and was involved with someone else. We separated for a few months, during which we suffered. I learned a lot on my personal journey. We came back to live together in order to build a more solid and more complete relationship, however, I realized that her feeling toward that person was very strong and I doubt if she found her soul mate and she should not have explored this relationship and lived longer. I was messing her happiness to go along with that person and should seek another relationship to me? Or I’m her soul gem and the presence of that other person in her life was just for the two of us could wake up to the necessary changes in our relationship? ~Igor, Brazil

ANSWER: Every soul who is in a human body can feel the energy of those with whom they come in contact. This is generally not a conscious knowing but rather a yearning or pulling toward another, particularly to those souls with whom they have shared previous lives.

Most people feel that, when they come to Earth, there is one and only one person of the opposite sex for them. This is not true. Sometimes it is not even a person of the opposing sex but of the same sex. People can grow apart if they do not grow spiritually at the same rate during a marriage.

Your wife loves you, but she also has affection for this other man. Just as a father can have love for each of his children at the same time, an adult can have a love for more than one. You and your wife had grown away from each other in the period before she found this man.

The future is up to the two of you. There is no right or wrong answer. There is nothing which says you have to stay with your wife, or she has to stay with you, or she has to go to this other person. You each have the freedom to choose which feels best to you. Do not stay together to try to make something work if you can see that it isn’t going to. Talk it out; let her know your feelings.

You have no obligation to leave to make her happy. You have to honor yourself. Do, or try to do, what you feel is right. But be able to accept when something is not working out and it is time to move on to something else. Love yourself enough to step back and look at all sides of the situation without emotion.

Completing life lessons

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I dated a verbally abusive man (Possibly a sociopath) for 5 years and it’s been a year and a half since we broke up. Thanks to hypnotherapy and cleansing techniques I have built myself up again but I still have work to do. I now have a block when it comes to starting new relationships and whenever I make a concerted effort to move on he appears in my dreams. In these dreams he always has glowing eyes. Any idea what this means? ~Jane, South Africa

ANSWER: While the work you have done has made it possible for you to function again in the world, it has not gone far enough to allow you to trust anyone. You fear being vulnerable and subjected to further abuse. The abuse you suffered was one of the life lessons you chose before becoming human. It came with a whole set of other tests.

To be a victim you have to allow it to happen. Just as you finally came to realize you did not have to remain in the abusive situation and walked away, you have to deal with the accompanying situations. You have secreted a piece of yourself in a closet so you won’t be harmed. This creates a natural blockage from being open, or even presenting yourself, to other men.

The door keeper to your hidden emotions is your former abuser. When there is the chance you may allow that closed off portion to be alive and interactive again, your tormenter appears in your conscious mind. He is able to do this because you closed some of his negative energy up with the part of you that you felt needed protecting.

You picture glowing eyes because that is what makes him feel alive to you. He is your demon. Unconsciously you associate him with any other relationship with a male. To clear him from your unconscious you need to cut your ties to his energy. Bombard the thought of him with unconditional love. He is no longer to be feared but rather thanked for helping you to find your strength which has allowed you to move on.

If you no longer fear his memory, but see it as a learning experience which has taught you much about yourself, he will have no control over you or your dreams. If he appears in your dreams again, face him and tell him he is no longer needed, he has served his purpose and now should just move on since he can’t affect you any longer.