Coveting someone

QUESTION: Masters, I have a nephew who is a crystal child. We clicked from his birth and seem to have a psychic connection. His father tries all he can to keep me away from him. I love this child as if my own and he is a source of inspiration. I miss him and think of him daily. I do not want to alienate him or his father. What shall I do? What should I learn from this? Is this child of any significance in my life? ~Jw, South Africa

ANSWER: Your nephew, his father, and you agreed to assist each other with a number of Earth life lessons. The father feels the intensity of your connection to his son and fears that your nephew will ultimately love you more than he will his own father. These are lessons of lacking self-confidence, jealousy, possessiveness, and not being able to exhibit unconditional love for a child.

The child is here to spread love to all, to open others up to the energy that connects each of you and to share his talents, which will develop. He will choose, or not, to further enhance his psychic abilities. Some of his life decisions will depend on his interaction with his father. This loving soul chose the father he was born to in order to have the journey he is on; it is not your place to say otherwise.

Your lessons include being able to honor the choices of others, not needing to take control of others, and the discretion to know when you have no right to interfere with a situation. You will have a large part in this boy’s life but not at this time. You need to step back and let his cellular family help him find his choices at the moment.

Observe the situation from a respectable distance and be available when they wish to have you involved in the boy’s life. You will be able to monitor what he is doing from a distance and from your psychic connection with him. When he is older and has found his path and passion, you will be a part of that aspect of his existence.