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Truth as we see it

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have been a huge believer in love and always hoping and wanting love in my life. Every time when I feel I have gotten it, it falls apart quicker than I can blink my eyes. Don’t tell me that I don’t feel I deserve love, I do feel that very much. My current relationship was wonderful the first month, he was everything I ever asked for, second month I wasn’t even sure it was the same man! I know he has lot to deal with his life, a daughter with a woman who is evil to the core but I never said a bad word to him about her, although he and his dad have told me this woman is dangerous and evil. Does that mean my relationship is doomed with him because of him having a young child with this evil woman? I know it is lot to deal with but love is supposed to be stronger than anything, unless he hasn’t been honest with me. ~Kristiine, USA

ANSWER: There are several types of love. There is love of self, the unconditional love of the universe and Source, and then romantic love, which only exists on Earth and is felt through the human body. What you seek is romantic love, that “feel good” in the nerve endings of the body, responding to stimulation from the object of your affection. That is the minutest of love. If you do not unconditionally love yourself and the journey you are on, you cannot give or receive love from another individual.

Loving yourself carries you through all those times in your life when another is not around to provide the romantic love. Romantic love may be dangerous because it colors all that you see and want to feel. It creates a curtain of denial over new people you meet when you desperately want to have that sense of movie-style romance. You do not allow yourself to see the flaws.

Your new love has been mostly honest with you except for how much he is still under the control of the mother of his child. The child is being used as a pawn to get him to do whatever she wants. She is aware of the discomfort of the situation and relishes having you feel bad. She considers getting you involved adds another layer of control she has over him.

You have the freedom of choice to stay with this difficult life lesson or to move on to another. You have established a pattern of drawing to you only men who have problems in their lives that will impact your partnership. Start seeing the type of man who will come into a relationship without baggage. Treat yourself to a simple union based on open, easy friendship and then let it grow into more.

Was my guide Marcus Aurelius?

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I need to know: is my Guardian honest? He claims to be a Roman, once Marcus Aurelius, and I was his wife. But he cannot help me with anything I want. All my life I have called for help with 3 or 4 things – the very things always most out of my reach. I feel he keeps me in need for his own self importance. ~L. K. G., UK

ANSWER: You are totally missing the purpose of guides or guardians. They may not tell you what to do. They may not do things for you. They may not complete your life lessons for you or give you the answers to the right way to bring things to yourself. Their sole purpose is to advise humans on the possibilities of what exists around them.

No supreme beings or guardians outside of your humanness will protect, take care of, and provide for your every wish. The closest they will come to giving you what you want is to help you see the ways in which you may manifest the desired things into your life. If things are close enough that they are just out of your reach, you have called them into your life but given up at the last minute when they were ready to arrive.

Let’s say you wanted to be a therapist. You would have to get the schooling, advertise for clients, have a place to see the clients, and follow through with the appointments. In this illustration, your guide would be able to tell you the various advantages of choosing one school over another, the best place to set up an office, and the possible wording for the advert—but he would not be able to do any of it for you. It is time to take responsibility for your future and not blame it on others.

Your guide did spend a life as Marcus Aurelius and you were his wife, but he is exactly like every other soul and has no need for self-importance. He is just trying to assist. Listen to his advice and stop looking for him to do your work.

Why, what, where, when?

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, recently everything feels totally confused, my place of work, my home, even the work that I am doing… I know that this will pass and eventually there will be abundance and well being, I just do not understand any of what is in front of me at this curious time. When will I meet my beloved? When will I truly serve? When will my life purpose be actualized? When will I find peace in the sanctuary of God alone and live the life I know I am destined to live? I feel alone and tired, weary from everything, please give me some guidance as to where I am meant to be and what best serves my growth for good, for God and my children. Why do I have such a deep connection to Bali and if so will I eventually live there and what work will I do there and will this best serve the highest and best of both my children? ~Priya, UK

ANSWER: Things are perceived as confusing because you are trying to get them to fit into your idea of what they should be and do. You have an intense need to control through knowing exactly what is coming next. You need to let go of control and enter the flow of energy that is your life. As you engage in the need to know, you live in the future and the past, for comparison, and never in the now.

Living in the now allows you to see what is around you and how you can use it to create the world you desire. You are sure that there are specific things that must come into your life for it to be complete—that is completely false! Yes, you did decide to have some life lessons during this lifetime, but you left a lot of things up in the air to bring into your existence as you encountered them.

There is no pre-determined beloved, exact track you were to follow, even whether you would have a period in your life where you would serve others and not just your family, or any of the many things you feel you have missed in this life. Throw out your imagined game plan of requirements and just live.

Follow the intuitional feelings you have that are getting stronger. There are no absolutes in this world, just possibilities to play with while you are here. “Peace in the sanctuary of God”—again this is merely your desire. The sanctuary is within yourself. Find the total peace and quiet that exists in the unconditional love of the soul.