Was my guide Marcus Aurelius?

QUESTION: Masters, I need to know: is my Guardian honest? He claims to be a Roman, once Marcus Aurelius, and I was his wife. But he cannot help me with anything I want. All my life I have called for help with 3 or 4 things – the very things always most out of my reach. I feel he keeps me in need for his own self importance. ~L. K. G., UK

ANSWER: You are totally missing the purpose of guides or guardians. They may not tell you what to do. They may not do things for you. They may not complete your life lessons for you or give you the answers to the right way to bring things to yourself. Their sole purpose is to advise humans on the possibilities of what exists around them.

No supreme beings or guardians outside of your humanness will protect, take care of, and provide for your every wish. The closest they will come to giving you what you want is to help you see the ways in which you may manifest the desired things into your life. If things are close enough that they are just out of your reach, you have called them into your life but given up at the last minute when they were ready to arrive.

Let’s say you wanted to be a therapist. You would have to get the schooling, advertise for clients, have a place to see the clients, and follow through with the appointments. In this illustration, your guide would be able to tell you the various advantages of choosing one school over another, the best place to set up an office, and the possible wording for the advert—but he would not be able to do any of it for you. It is time to take responsibility for your future and not blame it on others.

Your guide did spend a life as Marcus Aurelius and you were his wife, but he is exactly like every other soul and has no need for self-importance. He is just trying to assist. Listen to his advice and stop looking for him to do your work.