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Supplement needs

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Question: Masters, would you please comment on the use of Vitamin, Mineral, and Herbal supplements? At times I have been guided to take certain supplements, and they really seem to help my body. Now I find that I’m taking far too many supplements, but am not game to stop taking them, as my body does well on them. I believe that the human body basically has the capacity to heal and balance itself, regardless of what we put into it. Where should we draw the line between giving the body supplements, and letting it balance itself? It doesn’t make sense to me that we need to take “extra” things, or follow special diets. I think it should be easier and that we should just get on with life and not put so much attention on the body. Do you think I take too many things, or are they needed in my case? If I changed my belief system, would I require less supplements? ~ Maria, Australia

ANSWER: Your question speaks of a conflict raging within between what you want to believe and an acceptance, carte blanche, of what others have told you. Unless you overdose, a body will feel better with additional nutrients—and vitamins, minerals, and herbals are all nutrients. Unlike overeating, the extra consumption here does not result in a noticeable weight gain—if it did, you would not hesitate to cut back.

If a physical body is provided a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat, it does not need supplements unless it is fighting various medical conditions that can use the additional help. In that case the supplements can be like antibiotics. A body cannot balance itself if it is deprived of one or another of the needed substances.

Your belief system is what is “requiring” you to take so many supplements at this time. It would be necessary to change your thinking to change your habits. You are taking many substances you do not need and are wasting a good deal of money for no benefit.

It is unwise to totally disregard your body and just expect it to take care of itself regardless what you do. It is important to place some attention on the body and its needs because you cannot get on with life if your engine is not working or your supports won’t hold you upright.

In transition

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I feel as if I do not belong to any dimension fully…as if I am straddling both the third dimension and the dimensions above. Doubts now involve my interactions with my husband who is very loving and supportive, but there is a distance being created by our different spiritual beliefs. He is an amazing, loving person, and many times I find myself feeling guilty for no longer carrying the same affection and attention towards him that I used to. I feel myself pulling away from the entirety of my “old” life. Sometimes I wonder if I am getting too caught up in my own spiritual growth and mistakenly ignoring the familial responsibilities that I have to others. What if I am so focused on my own growth and evolution that I hurt all of them in the process? And most recently, doubts about why I am even focusing on spiritual growth so much are coming into my mind. And even more, am I using the label of spiritual growth and discovery to actually hide a deeper problem with my husband that involves other issues, possibly not even related to spiritual growth at all? ~A., Singapore

ANSWER: When you walk the spiritual path, you do straddle the third and higher dimensions. You have to have some contact with the third because you still inhabit a physical body and need physical things to nourish, clothe, and care for it. You are in the higher dimensions because you choose to reside as much as possible in the unconditional love found there.

When you begin the transition into more and more time spent outside the duality of the third, you leave behind those who choose only to reside in the arena of the ego where they can “prove” themselves to others through constant comparisons. Judgment rules here. Above the third, judgment falls away and all that is used is a sense of evaluation whether you need to re-experience an act or if you have learned all you need to know from it.

The speed of growth has to be an individual decision. A soul comes into a body to learn about its essence of unconditional love and eventually to bring past wisdom in to use in the current life. If you ask those stuck in the third, they will tell you that you must stay with them. Your ego will assert that you need to remain because you have obligations there. On a spiritual level, the only obligations that you have are to an understanding of self.

As people get more education, they are less interested in spending their time with those who do not understand the concepts they spent so much time and effort to learn—they have to move on. But, as always, a soul has complete freedom of choice.

Negativity drain

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

QUESTION: I am now married to someone whom I had a soul connection with on our first meeting. I knew we would be friends forever (I was still married at the time to someone else and didn’t know we would become more than friends). He has incredible negativity and the ability to suck the energy/life out of me and those around him with just his presence. Am I doing what I need to do to help him through this darkness? At times I feel I am just losing myself and question the path that I have chosen. ~Sharon, USA

ANSWER: Your current husband is a member of your soul group and you have shared a number of former lives together. You recognized his energy signature when you first met him and it felt familiar and comfortable. You had planned to meet in this lifetime to assist each other with your lessons.

His major lesson is to recognize that he lives in negativity and spends a lot of time pulling it to him. He revels in having others feel as bad as he does and gathers those around him who bring their own negative energies. He is sucking energy out of you, and you are allowing him to do it by not shutting down the connection when he hooks on to you.

Your lesson is to make the decision what this section of your life will be. You have the ability to help him to try to see his constant negative thoughts and change his behavior. Since this is his lesson, he will have to accept and understand what he is doing before he can make the choice to stop. He would have to learn to enjoy positive thoughts and actions. He needs to get out of his constant judgment and controlling ways.

If you cannot get him to see the need to change, your only choices are to continue as you are or to leave his environment so as not to be drained dry. Your lesson is to exercise your freedom of choice to be where you want to be.