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Protection and justice against demons

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, what protection is there for citizens of this world who have been engaged by demonic spirits and unlawfully held captive and tortured? When citizens of this world have human rights and freedoms seriously abused who do we call upon and who assures justice? ~Alma, Canada

ANSWER: Negative spirits in this world cannot just pop into your life and take you hostage. A discarnate, a soul that has abandoned a deceased body, drifts around for whatever reason with nothing but a desire not to return Home to unconditional love. It may want to get revenge for some believed acts against itself, or to experience a sense of control it never had while incarnate in a physical body.

Live souls in bodies have to give permission to these discarnates before they can enter into the person’s body. This agreement may be something as simple as the spirit saying, “I bet you can’t feel me if I enter your body,” and the person saying, “I bet I can.” This grants permission for the spirit to enter. Frequently, lonely people are first “courted,” and then when they express love or gratitude, the demon enters and takes over.

Souls come to Earth to live in a negative/positive duality. On a spiritual level, there is nothing that is unlawful or unjust about any experience that the soul undertakes. What you refer to as human rights and freedoms are ego-/judgment-based, third-dimensional societal belief systems. No human policing body even acknowledges the possibility of a human-vs.-spirit interaction. Third-dimensional people do not believe in nonphysical beings.

Spirits as positive souls, in their essential state of being, don’t judge any activity. Souls merely observe the event and evaluate whether an action they are observing is something they wish to experience, or something in which they choose not to engage.

Interactions a person makes in the third-dimensional, everyday world are governed by the social norms for that activity. This has nothing to do with spirituality, but everything to do with a soul’s experiencing its life lessons—the reason it is on Earth in the first place. A soul may even have chosen to incarnate in an area where human rights are not considered, in order to learn what that feels like.

Not addicted, but daily marijuana

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, since years, I have been working hard on myself and my fears. It has led me to big changes, life (or I) seems to demand from me that I let go of everything I know and love. I try to take responsibility for my actions, thoughts and happiness. I don’t see myself as a very addicted person but since years I am calming the little lost child in me with marihuana on a daily basis and I judge myself for it. I seem to hold on to it like it would bring me the security I need, although I know I don’t actually need the stuff. I am puzzled with it. I feel I’m in the right place in the right time, but feel very tired and lonely. ~Tanja, Austria

ANSWER: Who are you trying to kid? Anything that you do daily is a habit, and when it is cigarettes, alcohol, or illegal drugs—something that alters your body chemistry or affects your psychological mood—you are addicted. What have you been working on? Justifying to yourself that you are a good person and accepting responsibility for hiding from your life in a puff of smoke? Things look very benign and non-threatening when you get high. As of now you do need the stuff, because you fear being without it and facing reality.

You can always calm yourself, quiet your inner child or turmoil, and deal with your fears by choosing to have only positive thoughts and experiences. When you numb yourself, you are incapable of sensing what you are feeling or what the result of your actions is on your life and body. You have to be aware of the activity around you to react in such a way as to learn your lessons. “Providing security,” as you claim the marijuana does, gives you a false sense of safety. It is not real because you are not participating in the “real” world.

There are no demands being made on you at all. You have freedom of choice to decide how you wish to lead your life. You can continue on your current path or choose to wake up and deal with the discomfort that will answer your questions about where to go and what you can and need to learn.

It is time to get to know yourself as you really are, not with dulled senses and being cut off from everyday activity. You say your journey wants you to give up everything you know and love: in a sense that is true. In order to grow in awareness of new things, you have to let go of the old. You could not go into middle school, then high school, and then university until you let go of each of the old places that had become comfortable to you. You do not lose the memories of those old times, but you grow up into a more sophisticated person with each more mature action you allow yourself. But the choice is completely yours.

Sleep time activities and expectations

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I was in between deep sleep and waking, when I felt my entire bed shaking. This happened twice and it was very scary. What was that and why does it happen? I also had a vivid dream about my ex-boyfriend’s deceased girlfriend. In this dream, she told me I will never take her place. Was this just a dream? I feel that I am a deeply spiritual person but yet cannot seem to find my partner in life. What is blocking me? I don’t know who my spirit guide is/are. How can I get to know them so I can gain their advice? ~Natasha, USA

ANSWER: First relax and take a deep breath. You are experiencing the interaction of your non-physical soul with your physical body. The soul does not need to rest, but the body does. When the body sleeps, the soul goes elsewhere to explore, learn, see old friends, etc. It always stays attached to the physical body, but consciousness goes with the traveling part. When you awaken from a rest cycle, consciousness sometimes returns to the physical body before the whole of the soul is back. The sensation of movement is the body and not the bed, or sometimes the bed being moved by the body as it reintegrates. It is perfectly normal and nothing to fear or be worried about.

Dreams come from a number of different sources. Generally they are a continuation of some thoughts or activities you have engaged in prior to going to bed. They can add in facts from movies, books, TV shows, or daily life. They are frequently the acknowledgment to yourself of a fact you have been denying.

Spirituality and relationships are not interlinked. Not all lives have a relationship built into them as an essential element. To begin with, you can only love another to the extend you love yourself. Negativity about yourself is broadcast out ahead of meeting anyone, and new people do not want to enter what appears to be a toxic zone.

You have set up specific expectations of your idea about life and want them fulfilled. Expectations are bad because they limit the possibilities for you. If you only want a blonde suitor, that rules out 98% of the potential candidates. Be more flexible in your life. Go with the flow of things around you instead of trying to control all.

Your guides are around you but they are saying that you are so busy “programming” what you want, and talking almost non-stop, that they can’t get a word in edgewise. Relax; life is to be experienced, savored, learned from—and yes, when possible, enjoyed.