Sleep time activities and expectations

QUESTION: Masters, I was in between deep sleep and waking, when I felt my entire bed shaking. This happened twice and it was very scary. What was that and why does it happen? I also had a vivid dream about my ex-boyfriend’s deceased girlfriend. In this dream, she told me I will never take her place. Was this just a dream? I feel that I am a deeply spiritual person but yet cannot seem to find my partner in life. What is blocking me? I don’t know who my spirit guide is/are. How can I get to know them so I can gain their advice? ~Natasha, USA

ANSWER: First relax and take a deep breath. You are experiencing the interaction of your non-physical soul with your physical body. The soul does not need to rest, but the body does. When the body sleeps, the soul goes elsewhere to explore, learn, see old friends, etc. It always stays attached to the physical body, but consciousness goes with the traveling part. When you awaken from a rest cycle, consciousness sometimes returns to the physical body before the whole of the soul is back. The sensation of movement is the body and not the bed, or sometimes the bed being moved by the body as it reintegrates. It is perfectly normal and nothing to fear or be worried about.

Dreams come from a number of different sources. Generally they are a continuation of some thoughts or activities you have engaged in prior to going to bed. They can add in facts from movies, books, TV shows, or daily life. They are frequently the acknowledgment to yourself of a fact you have been denying.

Spirituality and relationships are not interlinked. Not all lives have a relationship built into them as an essential element. To begin with, you can only love another to the extend you love yourself. Negativity about yourself is broadcast out ahead of meeting anyone, and new people do not want to enter what appears to be a toxic zone.

You have set up specific expectations of your idea about life and want them fulfilled. Expectations are bad because they limit the possibilities for you. If you only want a blonde suitor, that rules out 98% of the potential candidates. Be more flexible in your life. Go with the flow of things around you instead of trying to control all.

Your guides are around you but they are saying that you are so busy “programming” what you want, and talking almost non-stop, that they can’t get a word in edgewise. Relax; life is to be experienced, savored, learned from—and yes, when possible, enjoyed.