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Timing of transition

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

QUESTION: Recently, a dear friend and companion passed away unexpectedly. You have said that our souls agree to be part of lessons for each other as we live our own lessons. He had recently had an awakening of his soul, he was so alive. Many of us around him are in a time of great change and transition and feel it couldn’t be a worse time for him to leave. It seemed that he wasn’t ready to go. Is there some greater purpose for his departure or was it just his time, his path? Does he know how much he is appreciated and missed? ~Shelly, USA

ANSWER: Each soul decides when it is time to return Home. Your friend did open his awareness before his transition—so much so that he remembered the unconditional love and wanted to return to it. Earth existence—reincarnation—is undertaken for the purpose of learning lessons. One such lesson is to connect with your essence and, through that, with all your past experiences. Just as a photo of a favorite vacation spot makes you want to return for a visit, so feeling unconditional love makes you want to bathe in its energy. Your friend had completed what he came to Earth to do and it was time for him to return.

It is easy to confuse the fantastic physical sensations you may experience with your interpretation of the sense of unconditional love and union being in Source energy. With your limited physical being and understanding you are really unable to do this. Your thinking that his passing couldn’t have come at a worse time, grounds you to the third dimension and ego based judgment.

At home there is no judgment, nothing is better or worse, it all just is. Feel happiness for your friend who has rejoined all his memories, abilities, and soul mates in his desired energy. His physical body may have seemed ready to stay but his soul was ready to depart.

He is able to watch over all his Earth friends and he wishes you all well. He hopes you are able to fulfill your dreams for that life and return when you are ready as he did. There are some of those who remain that he had agreed he would act as a guide or counselor for once he was on the other side. All they need do is open up their hearts and they will feel him. Even though they knew him in life, he will still not be able to tell them what to do, he will only be able to give advice. All have freedom of choice and he cannot interfere.

Telling you what you want to hear

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

QUESTION: I’d like to ask you about an old friend I met last summer. I feel him very similar to me and my thoughts. So says he. I had a narcissistic husband before and now I’m very concerned about this new friendship. Am I hysteric for nothing? What are his interests in me? And his marriage? Someone told me beforehand I will meet him, and that happened. I’m amazed about all this what is happening. Still learning something big…? ~Mari, Finland

ANSWER: You have trouble interpreting what people are like and what they want from you because, from the start, you are so busy trying to please them. You desire to be loved and you think that if you do everything that the other person wants they will love you unconditionally. You have yet to feel any of this love because you can love, and be loved by another, only to the extent that you love yourself. And, simple fact, you do not feel you are good enough to deserve love until you have satisfied the other. You do not love yourself.

This “old friend” does seem to be similar to you and interpret things as you do because you share similar past experiences that now look very nice to you. It is easy to remember, of the past, exactly what you wish. You are right to be a little hysterical because you are being played by this man. You are a game in which he can indulge without commitment. He is telling you what he thinks you expect to her from someone who truly cares for you.

He is married and at this time does not have any intention of ending that union. His interest in you is as a conquest. He will devote as much time to you as he can, to get you to be his favorite toy, but when he tires, he will move on to yet another challenge.

His energy is very strong and could be seen getting closer to you. But other energy will be drawn to you if you except possibilities and bring to you the type of person who will be kind and non-threatening. Use your energy to manifest a connection with a soul mate who desires to be with you as much as you do with them. Don’t settle for someone who comes around only to satisfy their needs. Create your utopia.

Decision time

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

QUESTION: I am married for 25 yrs and my husband has been working abroad since. I’ve lived alone with my 2 children and his only support is financial. He visits us every year but no love attached, only materialistic. I am in love with a man 10 yrs older who I feel drawn to and he keeps professing his love for me saying that we may have been connected in previous life. Is it true? ~Anonymous, India

ANSWER: What you have is a marriage of convenience—for your husband. It is all right if you think this is the way you should be living your life. But you are really living his life and not yours. All the decisions are being made by him. This arrangement has nothing to do with love. It is time for you to decide if you really want to live the life of an unconditionally loving relationship.

You have had a taste of what life could be like with the man to whom you are drawn. Age is immaterial. The two of you have been together in prior lives and have had many happy experiences. Isn’t it time to start putting yourself first? What is keeping you tied to your marriage? In fact, it is not what a marriage is supposed to look like. The only thing you have really gotten out of this union is two children your husband figured would keep you happy and occupied.

Your children feel the pain of loneliness you suffer and they wish better for you. Any change must be because you feel it is for your own best interest. Love yourself enough to make a life you can tolerate. Nothing is right or wrong they are just decisions, choices for the lessons you came to learn. Think only of yourself for once. What will make you feel good about yourself and the life you are leading?

Making decisions comes with the responsibility of the outcome, but that is how you learn your strengths and weaknesses. If you never assume the task of decision making, you will never be in charge of your own life. It is easy to be under the control of another—you never have to do anything. You are like a flower in a glass bottle, you grow and develop but you don’t interact and make your own way outside your confinement.

Do you want to stay bottled up, or do you want to experience living in the world?