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Handling the energy of others

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I am very sensitive to energy and the energy of others goes right through me, where they have pain, I feel it, and their emotions, and makes me feel ill, even the vibration of some people’s voices feels very uncomfortable. With my job doing massage and treatments it is even worse as it is hands on the client but I have the ability to absorb the pain and heal. How do I protect myself from the discomfort and energy drain? ~Lauren, Australia

ANSWER: Two things are happening here. You are not only feeling the energy of other people, but you are unconsciously allowing it to be absorbed into your physical body. Secondly, you have not instituted protections to keep this from happening and have not learned clearing techniques that will expel the energies from your person.

As an empathic, sensitive person, you have options. You can completely shut down your reception of energy, or you can use it to learn more about people and how to help them in your profession. If you wish to bar it from being felt, you need to close off sensations other than your own. This is a very drastic solution and may not be reversible if you wish to use this skill later.

A second option is to create, or have help from your guides in creating, a series of filters that allow in only those energies you wish to receive. Say you want to feel where a client is in pain so that you might concentrate on massaging that area, open only to that sensation. If you also want to assist with clearing the cause of the pain, you could ask for the emotional connection to the cause so you can work your client through their blockage.

But have the filter flow through you, releasing the pain to the ground after you become aware of it, instead of absorbing it into your body. You can use this same filtering system on the auditory vibrations. It is like adjusting the treble and bass while listening to music. Ask your personal guides or the healing guides to help you with these adjustments. Your intention is the controlling factor for all these techniques.

If you absorb the pain and then have to heal yourself from the effects, you are doing double duty – for yourself and the client. If you sense it as it passes through, you obtain the information you need but don’t have to do the work to remove it later. Something that helps remove residual energy is visualizing yourself under a cleansing waterfall of vibrational energy, which simultaneously cleans and rejuvenates.

Part of what you are sensing is also negative energy and discarnates that are attached to your clients. You can prevent these from impacting you if you offer a protective affirmation before beginning your treatment. Just ask that only beings of the light participate and that all negative entities refrain from entering your treatment zone.

What do I do?

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, my professional life is very important to me, but I have a boyfriend and he is going to move to another city. We don’t want to break up, but relationship in distance is very difficult to keep. So, he asks me if I want to go with him, to live together. I don’t know if going with him is right because if I go, it would be a big change in my life and plans for my life… But I love him so much, I don’t know what to do. But my heart says that follow him isn’t the better choice, that I have to follow my own plans… Please give me a way. My heart hurts when I think about it because if I don’t choose to follow him it will seem that I don’t want to be with him, and it isn’t true, I love him so much. ~Bianca, Brasil

ANSWER: A soul comes to Earth to learn lessons. They involve examining all the situations that you have chosen to attract to yourself and, then, using your freedom of choice, deciding which will allow you to learn the most in the shortest amount of time. A soul does not come into the plane with any other souls – but by itself. The spiritual journey is a singular thing, with the only way to learn being by making all the decisions and accepting all the responsibilities for what happens while here.

There are many aspects to a human life. There are things that can be experienced only within the human body – sexual functions being one of them. There is no time limit on any of the tests you have set up for yourself, nor only one way in which to accomplish them.

Somewhere in your planning for this life, you envisioned the exact situation in which you find yourself today. What is of greatest importance to you? Is it the completion of the passions you feel drawing you, the professional life you have spent so much time creating? Or is physical sensation of utmost importance at this very moment in your life? Only you can answer these questions.

It also matters whether you find spiritual growth and enlightenment necessary for you now, or feel that that can come later, if at all. You are not aware of what difficulties might face you in another location and whether you will find a position that satisfies you. Moving will satisfy your boyfriend’s needs in all respects but provide only for your relationship aspects. The choice is yours.

Understanding connections

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters almost every friendship I have had, I have had to let go of and end for one reason or another. I have been taken for granted, or treated negatively, or had not been valued as much as I valued them. Why? ~M, USA

ANSWER: You are placing your trust in the ego judgment values of society and not examining the spiritual reasons for why your life is playing out as it is. All the “difficulties” you perceive as resulting from the actions of others are actually the result of life lessons you chose to appear in your life.

Your biggest, most powerful lesson deals with depending on expectations you have created concerning the behavior of others. It is impossible to get another to act exactly as you wish if they do not want to do so. You look only at your opinion of a situation and never how it might appear to another.

Lessons of betrayal, abandonment, dealing with lies, and not being able to evaluate the intentions of other people are all lessons you are living. You have not learned enough about any of these to be finished with its repeated appearance in your life. You take everything personally, even when the other person does not intend or direct that it apply to you.

Because you are constantly judging the actions of others according to the way you expect that they should treat you, when they don’t do exactly as you expect, you are further hurt and pull away. If you were to go back to the numerous betrayals you have suffered and take the place of the other party, you would see that they were being true to themselves and not your expectations.

You have created a victim role for yourself. Even the judgment of “value” you are so concerned about is meaningless when both sides are considered. Your actions have forced people to move away because they do not want to behave as you demand.

Start looking at situations with an open mind. Don’t pre-judge what another’s reaction to your encounter with them should look like. And be honest with yourself. Don’t do something because you think it is what the other person wants you to do. If you follow these suggestions, you will find that people will stop running away from your intensity.