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Search for enlightenment

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I feel very lost in life and have no idea of my life purpose. I feel very strongly that there is so much more to our universe and believe there is a higher power. I have no past experiences and limited knowledge on this topic and was hoping you could lead me in the right direction to start my spiritual journey. I hope to achieve clarity, fulfillment, higher consciousness, inner peace, love and a greater understanding of our universe and higher power. I want to find my purpose here on earth. ~David, Australia

ANSWER:  Your purpose here on Earth is to find all about your inner essence – that part of you which is eternal and originated from the Source of all existence. Your journey began in earnest when you acknowledged that the physical world was but a small part of the domain in which you may interact.

There is no one path. Let your intuition and feelings draw you to the things you need to experience. There are thousands of people who have recorded how they have achieved a sense of knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment – as we call the intellectual connection between the physical body and the spiritual, energetic, nonphysical self.

Learning to quiet the constantly moving thinking brain, so that you may hear the nonphysical energies that are around to assist you on this journey, is the first vital step. This quieting of the physical affords you clarity in understanding your present situation, and provides a gateway to love, inner peace, and your higher consciousness.

As you begin this trek, evaluate all the contacts you have with people and events. Don’t let anyone tell you what to believe or feel. Accept, and make a part of your daily life, only what feels to be in resonance with your energy. Society has been trying to tell you what to do your whole life. It is time to use your freedom of choice to determine your own destination. Take responsibility for your life.

You are a magnificent soul, just like all others with you. They are no better than you, so you have as much latent knowledge as anyone to take you where you want to go. This is all driven by your intuition – go where you feel you want to.

We have dictated a booklet on the journey of the soul called The Masters’ Reincarnation Handbook. You may download a free copy of it from Then, clicking on “Masters’ Messages” at the top will take you to, where you can look in the archives (lower right) and find seven years of answers we have given to questions from people who are searching just as you are.

Women and motherhood

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, Motherhood seems to be the natural way for every woman. However, this does not happen to me. When I was in the right age, I preferred my work and studies. When I decided to try to get pregnant, and was an attempt on the basis of if have to be, will be. Today I am 41 years old, I had surgery a little while ago, at the risk of having to remove my uterus. My doctor insisted I froze some ovules, I did not because I just got divorced for the second time. I think if it had to happen, should have happened. Today I wonder, I’ve been mother someday? It was a good experience? I have contact with those who would have been my son or daughter? I have any chance of being a mother in this life? ~Adriana, Brasil

ANSWER: Your first statement is the conclusion that human society has imprinted on your kind, but motherhood is “the natural way” for women only in that men cannot carry and deliver babies. Every soul has freedom to choose all the experiences it has in each of its lifetimes. Choosing not to be a mother starts a series of lessons that are different from those of a soul in a female body who has chosen to be a mother.

Don’t let other people tell you what is right for you. When you attempted to get pregnant and did not, it had as much to do with the desires of your soul for the type of life you were living as anything else. You were undecided when you entered this life whether to have children or not, so you just went with the flow of the other lessons you undertook.

You have been a mother, and at times a father, in many past lives. The lifetimes were mostly pleasant. You worked with having the responsibility of raising and teaching little ones. It was not of primary importance in this life. You wanted to spend the time motherhood would have taken to get to know yourself better and to try different things that would have been difficult with and for a child.

It is possible to be a “mother” to children without being the biological source of their birth. If you desire the experience of carrying for others in this life, then adopt, marry someone with children, volunteer to help a child, or commit to a pet.

Since you had not determined to have children, you did not contract with any souls to come to be your children. There are no absolutes in a life. You have total freedom of choice to change any plans you made before coming. Just use your intention to manifest what you wish to experience.

Energy intensity

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

QUESTION: I would like to know the reason of EMF sensitivity. I get very strange head sensations like tightness / pressures when on cell phones, computers etc. My body has just been very weird a few months now. ~Irene, US

ANSWER: EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are created by the flow of electricity through wires, conduits, fiber optics, and even the air. When an electrical device is plugged into an outlet, it gives off waves of potential electricity until it is turned on. Once the electricity begins flowing, it creates magnetic waves that reach out from the source. Thunderstorms also contain EMF waves.

The human body communicates between the various organs and control centers via nerve fibers that use electrical impulses. A body is also a receiver that can interpret and interrupt the flow of the EMF waves. When this happens, a resistance is felt and disruption may occur in the body. All people are aware of the effect electrocution has on the human body.

Some people are hypersensitive to audio waves, and some are acutely aware of EMF waves. You are one of the latter. Just as people sensitive to loud noises have to shield themselves from the sound waves, you need to be cautious around electricity. The waves given off by telephones, computer monitors, television screens, overhead electrical wires – all of these will react with your internal electrical system.

You will learn what you have to stay away from to prevent physical distress. There are some devices available that can catch some of the waves so that they are not so impactful. Use cell phones at a distance with the speaker, or better yet, use a landline speakerphone to increase your distance. Sit as far away from computer monitors and television sets as possible. Your body will learn to adapt somewhat, but you will always feel intense fields.