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Am I on the right path?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Welcome, fellow souls! During this past weekend (on your planet’s timeline), we were very enthusiastically received, and were pleased to meet a lot of you personally at the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Chicago. It was our pleasure to be able to answer individual questions and give personal advice to almost one hundred people through our channel Toni.

We wish now to address a frequently asked question: “How do I know that what I am doing in this life is what I am supposed to be doing?”

As human beings it is very common for you to need validation of your actions and decisions. As you entered life upon the Earth plane, you began each new chapter by deciding in advance the specific lessons you wished to make a part of your soul’s wisdom. You planned the particulars of some of the lessons, though with others you just had a general idea of what you sought to accomplish. Once you entered the physical structure of the body you inhabit, however, you always did so with no memory of any of these prior decisions.

Initially, your physical body is helped by being raised within an array of belief systems contributed by parents, teachers, society, and religions. The purpose of these belief systems is to define for you how other people feel you should behave and what they feel you should believe.

A parallel illustration of this idea is the operating system running the program on which this message has been recorded. A programmer wrote the program to do a multitude of tasks and to prevent certain functions from occurring. If you do not assess the correctness for you of these functions, you blindly adhere to the programming without question, and may well discover that you are unable to carry out certain of the plans you formulated. It is the same in your physical life. By failing to question why you cannot do what you have envisioned, you are giving away to other people your power to determine your direction in life.

In your daily life, if you merely intellectualize the decisions and directions you take—using only your brain—you will accept the beliefs and directions imbedded in you by others. All the information within your brain comes from outside of your self. It is implanted within you by the words of others, either told to you orally or read by you visually. You are completely cut out of the decision process as you follow along like a little lemming.

The belief systems that have been your guide for a large portion of your life are not permanent and immovable. You may remove them from impacting your thinking by taking each statement in turn and “feeling” if it represents the right path for you to venture down. If you believe, say, an implant that Mrs. Smith put into your head in third grade that you are “stupid,” then identify with it and let it direct your life! But if, instead, you know that you are not stupid (because of everything you have been able to accomplish successfully within your life), then erase all trace of that negative energy from your memory and rewrite your mental program to say that you are a brilliant physicist (or whatever else you may have become).

There is another aspect of this physical experience which most people ignore. You are aware of feelings or intuition coming from the knowledge and wisdom of your soul. If, whenever you have an important decision to make, you say, “What do I think?” you give the power to others. But if, instead, you say, “What do I feel?” you are searching inside for your own inner knowledge and wisdom, and you are taking responsibility for your own decisions. This is the only way that you can truly learn your lessons. It’s the same if you always only watch sports on television and never participate in them yourself—you will never have the experience of the exertion and the elation of that accomplishment.

To respond to that question we began with, “How do I know that what I am doing in this life is what I am supposed to be doing?” we have two questions for you: “Are you listening to your intuition and feeling what you want to do?” and “Do you feel that what you are doing is what you should be doing?”

These are really just rhetorical questions because now we have a statement of universal wisdom to give you. It is: “Your soul ensures that you always do exactly the right thing at the right time to gain the experience that you sought to have.”

Take the time to laugh at yourself for all the choices you can’t now remember making—while you enjoy this wonderful journey of unique experiences.

Have a fantastic week filled with love, light, and laughter. We love you dearly.

The Masters of the Spirit World

Contacting your guides

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Welcome back, fellow souls. It’s good to see you with us again. We are also aware of new visitors who have come to check us out. To you we say, simply open your heart and feel our message—don’t try to analyze it with the information contained in your brain.

Our theme for this message is to answer two questions: “Does every soul on Earth have guides, a guardian angel, or celestial advisors?” and, “How do I go about contacting them or hearing their advice?” The answer to the first question is a resounding Yes, and to the second that it’s easier than you think. The crucial issue in understanding the way guides may assist you is to be aware of the way you choose to interact with them.

Back Home, before you entered your current body, a group of twelve advisors (frequently called your Council), helped you decide exactly what it was that you wanted to experience in this particular life. Together you reviewed those lessons you had not yet learned or completed, which you wished to incorporate into your wisdom. You visualized how it would best serve you to undertake these lessons, and you decided with whom you needed to have contracts to insure that you would be confronted with situations needed for each lesson. Once you had finalized your plan, having chosen the type of environment you needed including the time of your birth, your parents, siblings, health status, and so on, you finally entered into your chosen body and began your learning process. With all these well-laid plans, the only problem for you was that you came down to Earth with amnesia and now have no idea why you are here!

Before embarking upon your journey, you chose and agreed with other souls to have them available to assist you. Your selection of advisors, guardian angels, and guides (whatever you wish to call them) may be constant throughout your lifetime, but it’s more likely that you selected various experts to accompany you into new areas of learning. Even with all these arrangements in place, the fact is that you are now physical while the guides remain energetic, which means they cannot assist you as planned, unless you actually request their help while you remain in physical form. For them to intervene in your life, just because you had arranged for their assistance before you came into a body, is insufficient. In physical form, as at all times, we all have freedom of choice to change our mind.

So now you find yourself in a pickle and can’t decide what to do about this doozy of a lesson that’s facing you. You’ve consulted all your friends, prayed for outside intervention (so you don’t have to take responsibility for your actions), and now you think of them. Those, possibly mythical, guardian angels and guides are supposed to help you out—but you don’t know how to contact them. What can you do?

The answer is to ask for our assistance with the clear understanding that, because we cannot interfere with your freedom of choice, we cannot tell you exactly what you should do. We can support you, and we can let you see both the benefits of the pathway you are currently traveling and alternatives that are open to you.

How are you to “hear” us? We place the word “hear” in quotes because we do not have vocal cords, so you cannot hear us speak with a distinctive voice. We communicate in vibrations somewhat like your unseen radio waves. These are then translated into thoughts or actions that are understandable to you. You must be fully aware and observant of the things around you in order to receive our messages. We use many things that can be perceived by your senses as signs for you to affirm your decisions. A very popular way for us to help you is giving you dreams that show you pathways. We also use things in nature—animals, birds, weather, lightning—and even objects such as billboards, bells, writing on trucks, familiar scents, and numbers.

Say, for example, you are asking us for assistance to decide if it will be right for you to change your employment. Then you see that the clock reads 11:11, a symbol for the beginning of a venture. You are wondering if you really have the necessary background to take a new educational course, and you hear an unequivocal voice in your head saying “Go for it!” You will question this voice because it sounds like your own thinking—but then why wouldn’t it? We don’t have voices to speak to you, so our energetic vibrations, when converted by you to be understood, will sound exactly like your own voice. The best way to test this when it happens is to get out of your head and go into your heart and ask yourself, “Does it feel truthful to me?”

Everything that is stored in your head has been put there by others outside of you. They are all things that people told you, or which you read. They are other people’s opinions. But when you go inside, and ask your heart and soul, you are tapping into your essence. It comes from the wisdom you have gathered in this life, and in your previous lives, and is your personal truth. Feel the rightness of these contacts, then you will be certain that you are being assisted by your guides. We encourage you to consult us frequently. We love to interact with you during your quiet periods, such as in meditation. We are always here.

Hoping to “talk” to you soon. Live your life with love, light, and laughter!

The Masters of the Spirit World

Life after death

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Welcome back, fellow souls. Many of you have repeatedly asked, “What is it like at Home?” We will give you a sense of it today.

Upon your Earth there has always been a fascination about life after death. The questions that you frequently ask of us are about those who have left body form and returned home: “are they happy?” “are they still mad at me?” “will they forgive me?” “are they getting what they justly deserve for what they did to me?” These questions basically come from a misunderstanding of what Home is like.

We previously defined for you what Home is (see Glossary), but there are still a lot of misconceptions. Once your soul leaves your physical shell, it has no touchable solid form unless you choose to use some of your energy to create a body. The bottom line, so to speak, is that as a soul you are nothing more than an amorphous (cloud-like) energetic mass. We are hearing some say “that’s yucky!” In point of fact it allows one soul to join with the matrix of all that exists, and to know everything, and to be in more than one place at a time, because there are no restraints or restrictions placed upon you. It is the ultimate in freedom!

The questions we are most frequently asked come from the idea that your loved ones are just your loved ones. However, each soul has spent many different lifetimes with many different families and friends. The lifetime that you are aware of is one in which you made various contracts with the deceased person, before coming down, to have learning experiences. The factors that create that feeling of anger, regret, and hatred within you were all predetermined by you to provide you with lessons that you yourself sought. To the departed they are merely academic now. We carry no unresolved emotions into the unconditional love of Home—unless we choose to, if we will not let go of them.

Some discarnate souls separated from the physical body may still cling to that need to feel physical because they want to continue on with that past life. They are souls who have failed to complete at least one of the lessons they sought to learn. They want to go on and complete the work even though their body is no longer viable. They cling in physical desperation to that body which identifies who they think they are. This occurs because they refuse to let go of the ego that defined who they were in the purely physical dimension. They still remain a slave to the thinking brain; they have not embraced their soul. With these ideas paramount the soul/body remains connected to Earth and haunts or constantly contacts those who remain. (Eventually it will come to understand its situation and return Home.)

The soul who has embraced its pure identity exists at Home in unconditional love, where there is no hate, no fear, no regret, no judgment. That soul is available, if not engaged in other pursuits, to communicate with those on Earth at its pleasure. It is totally purged of any residual emotional issues stemming from interaction on Earth with other souls. So there is nothing to forgive, to make up for, nothing but love for all souls and their journeys.

May your journey be fruitful, in love, for we love you all.

Live your life in love, light and laughter!

The Masters of the Spirit World