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Possessive boyfriend

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Q. Masters, I have this boyfriend who is extremely good to me, taking care of my every need. He has become very possessive and wants to know what I am doing every minute of the day. In the beginning I felt that his attention was very endearing, but now I find it repressive. He has been so good to me that I do not want to hurt his feelings by criticizing the way that he treats me. What should I do?

A. You chose the experiences that you wished to have when you incarnated on Earth. You also chose the lessons that you wished to learn. You have chosen to experience what being controlled feels like, as well as the various aspects of self identity and self worth.

During the early years of your life you were not singled out by anyone as special or subject to familial love. When your boyfriend became so attentive to you it filled a void that had existed. You began to experience the interaction that can exist between two physical humans and it felt good, but yours came with a price. Your boyfriend wanted to own and control you. Even the sense of belonging that came with possession felt right at first.

What has happened recently is another aspect of your growth. You now have a sense of yourself. You have realized that each soul is entitled to its own path. It can be possessed by another only with its consent, freely given. Knowing that, you no longer want to consent to being controlled.

While it is not right or wrong to remain in this relationship, you have learned all that you can from it. You owe your boyfriend nothing more than thanks for the experience he has allowed you to feel. Your future is in your hands. Decide if you still need to be controlled or if you have enough faith in yourself to move on to new experiences. The choice is yours.

Where is everyone?

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Dear fellow souls, we are a bit perplexed by the lack of interaction which is taking place on this blog. We received so many thoughts from people that they wanted to participate in this process of communication, and yet, we have received very little by way of comments. We switched from a regular web site to this blog to facilitate interaction. Are you that bashful? We do not bite, because we have no mouths!

No, seriously, we do wish to hear from you. We know you are out there. We see you visiting here to read our words. We know what you are thinking, but unless you express your desires, they do not become real to you. You are still under the influence of your early learning processes until you rewrite your script. This you accomplish by speaking your truth. Think all you like, but you have not truly accepted change until you claim it as your own.   

We are also looking for specific topics that you wish to have discussed here. Of late, the questions have started to dry up. Surely we have not satisfied all of your inquiries? We hear frequently a question asked followed immediately by the comment “that’s not significant enough to bother the Masters with.” Not true. What concerns you is our pleasure to alleviate or clarify. Bring on your issues!

We love you dearly and wish only love, light, and laughter for you.

The Masters of the Spirit World

Chakra health

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Q. Masters, I have been reading about the Chakras and their importance to health, and I’m encountering some contradictory information. Could you just give me a little primer on what I need to know about the chakras?

A. Chakras are energy centers. Some of them are within the physical body and some of them are within your auric, etheric, or non-physical body. The ones affecting human health are the physical chakras.

There are seven physical chakras, extending from the root chakra at the base of the spine up to the crown chakra exiting out the top of the head. The chakras are connected by what is called the pranic tube. This tube carries force energy up and down the length of the body. A blockage in any of the chakras affects the rest of the body because they are interconnected. It is important for health reasons to ensure that the chakras are all rotating with a flow of energy and that none is under- or over-active.

Energy-sensitive persons will be able to tell you if your chakras are in proper tune. They may do this with their hands or a pendulum. They will also be able to help you balance your chakras using their hands, intention, a pendulum, or vibrational sound.

This is a very brief and simplistic look at chakras, but know that if they become blocked they can stop the flow of energy and cause dis-ease within the body. The very least that you should do is, during meditation, visualize the energy flowing freely up and down your pranic tube, rotating the chakras like little engines supplying energy to your entire body. This will help promote health and balance within your body.