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Creating Hell

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, in the Returning Home section of The Masters’ Reincarnation Handbook it states “(the soul) may create whatever it interprets hell to be like.” How is this possible while the soul is Home where unconditional love rules? ~Kevin, Malaysia

ANSWER: The transitional point that you missed in your reading was that the soul, upon leaving the body it has used in a lifetime, doesn’t go immediately Home unless it makes the effort to do so. The entire transition from human being to essential soul is transacted by the decision and with the intention of the soul. Being more in the physical realm at the start of this phase, the thought process of the human ego is still firing away with its “knowledge” of the way things “should be.”

If the soul has accepted a portion of society’s belief that the death process brings it into a period of judgment for everything it has done during the physical life, it will expect to be judged and punished for its transgressions. If it believes it has sinned and merits punishment, it may expect a place or condition it has been told is hell. The soul then creates that place with its powerful intention so that it may move into that next segment of its existence. At that point, the soul is so convinced this is its only possible step that it does not realize it has the freedom of choice to go straight into unconditional love.

If the soul knows it is leaving all judgment behind and going into the area of unconditional love, it can allow itself to feel that unconditional love, immediately bypassing any need for the expected pearly gates and judgment scenario. Even if the soul has created a hell for itself, its guides will stay close and look for any opening in which it asks for assistance, which generally comes when it is frustrated by nothing occurring but the fire and brimstone it has envisioned. The guides will then be there to offer help to the soul to find its way to the unconditional love of the non-judgmental space of soul existence (Home). This can be done, however, only when the soul releases its creation of judgment—its own vision of hell.

Almost complete bit not quite

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I had a longtime friendship which I ended a few years ago as it was becoming abusive again. I think it was the best decision for both of us to grow internally. But I can’t seem to get her off my mind as I have many dreams where I relive the abusive moments with her. I wake up scared and confused as I had felt as if I were in the actual situation. Why am I still dreaming about her so strongly even though I have disconnected from her completely? I feel we are connected from another lifetime. ~Santhi, Singapore

ANSWER: You were connected with her in another life where you went through a similar situation of control and abuse. Neither one of you learned the lesson at that time. That is why you replayed the same situation in this life.

While you have become aware of the destructiveness of this situation and that you both need to grow internally—which is just another way of saying that you can work out why and how you came about to experience this connection in this lifetime—you have not seen what else is involved in the energy of this activity. It keeps repeating itself to you to say “wake up and look at everything that is going on here and why it is happening.”

You got into this situation because of fear, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and a feeling of being trapped. Your response to fear is to strike out as you are running away from the emotions involved which overcome you. While you have physically removed yourself from this situation, you have still not allowed yourself to feel that sense of being trapped. You cannot understand why you are compelled to act as you do. You feel both shame and guilt but figure that separating yourself from this woman will just resolve the issue. It will not.

It is time to go in and examine the sense of guilt you have. Why could you not control your striking out? You never saw what was happening until after you returned from running away. Go into the shame and the low self-esteem that made you respond as you did, forgive yourself, love yourself for who you are; then you will be finished with this scenario.

What’s going on?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I have over the past 1.5 years had the same recurring bout of illness, which is very unusual. I am not sure if it is something physical—although no one seems to be able to detect anything at that level—or a manifestation of something else that I need to change in my life. Although in my occupations I have always endeavoured to help others, I am unsure of which way to do this best using my potential. I just seem to be wasting time. I feel that I am not fulfilling my potential but have little direction or guidance as to how to make the best of my abilities. I have been in a loving but tormented relationship over the past few years, and after a long break, I have decided to give it the last chance. But I am not sure it is the one for me. ~Vanessa, UK

ANSWER: Your higher self, through your body, is giving you all kinds of advice in how to move forward. Everything you have done and are doing takes into consideration everyone but yourself. Your body and soul are saying it is time to honor yourself—time to think of and be good to yourself. Then there will be no reason for you to be slowed down by unexplained ailments.

You try to be everything to everybody with no consideration for what you need to do for yourself. Your body is saying, “Hey there! Stop and take a look at me. See what I need; forget the rest of the world for a while.” Most of what you do is dictated by your idea of what society and other people think or want you to do. Nowhere in society’s expectations is the concept of using the freedom of choice that all souls have. Society says nothing about doing something because you truly feel it is what you want to do, for no other reason than that you would like to do it.

Being nice and doing things for others will not make them love or even like you. Part of the problem with your relationship has been your bending over backward to do everything you thought was desired by your partner. At times you do not even know who you are, because you have been so shaped by the desires of others.

Get out of the rut you are in and start thinking—no, feeling—what it is you wish to be. You know better than anyone else what feels right for you. Stop giving others the power over you to tell you what to do. Take charge of yourself.