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Living with a hoarder

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I have a partner who keeps everything in case it will be useful later. I can’t stand the pile of newspapers and all sorts of things which are reaching the ceiling. I had a chance for one week when he went on holiday. So I threw all the newspapers to recycling point, hoping he will see he doesn’t need them. Instead he was furious and lost trust in me. I just don’t want to live in the clutter any longer but he doesn’t share my view. What can I do? ~Mami, UK

ANSWER: You are living with a man who has a dependency on maintaining possessions. He is also paranoid, possessive, selfish, and domineering. He is creating a hazardous living condition. It is very easy for bugs and rodents to take up residence in stored, never-moved items. Paper and cloth goods piled high with no ventilation between them become fire dangers.

He is showing you his unreasonable side in not talking to you about his problem. Just saying he feels he might need the items sometime in the future is an insufficient explanation. Being threatened by a partner throwing out old newspapers that are not being used is showing the degree of his psychological problem.

Have you noticed that your entire relationship has become one-sided? That the only thing ever considered is what he wants? It is time to stick up for yourself. It is time to honor the fact that you are just as important in the relationship as he is. Ask: what are you getting out of this partnership? At what cost to your self-esteem?

You must evaluate and see how you feel about the future with this person. Is being used and not considered important the way you value yourself? If not, find someone to talk to. Get some counseling. Talk him into counseling if he wants to save your relationship. You both need to get an outsider to look and tell you what neither of you can see or will admit.

Total Confusion

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

QUESTION: I am so drawn to metaphysical sciences that all this knowledge confuses me. I find myself connected to angels and have done courses to gain more knowledge. Along with my starting my own business I want to be able to help others and myself through metaphysical sciences. I have tried to do pendulum as well as angel card readings for friends and family but I am not sure of the accuracy. I don’t want to hurt anyone by giving the wrong message. Please guide me as to what I should do. I am doing a course in angel therapy in September. Please tell me when should I quit my current job to start my business? ~Puja, India

ANSWER: There are hundreds of different applications of physical tools that can be used to understand and bring through metaphysical information from the non-physical aspects. The use of each comes with the accuracy level of the practitioners. If the users are open and have no pre-conceived notions of what the results should be, they have the option of receiving accurate information.

Those who are using any of the various psychic tools should not be concerned with the answers or material that comes through, because it should not be coming from them but from the Other Side. Only if they are influencing the results in some way, as with their own beliefs, should they worry about what they are saying. The reading can only be what the energy is tending toward at that moment, and if people change their direction, either out of choice or after hearing the reading, the results will change. That is not the “fault” of the psychic and does not make the reading incorrect at the time it was given.

Information that comes through should be used for advice only and not as the definitive word on the issue. Freedom of choice should still be used by all. You should always follow what feels right under the circumstances. It is best to stick with one or two methods since ease of getting the messages comes with continued use. As with any activity, whether it be accounting, cooking, or an athletic sport, it is necessary to practice to become perfected in the art.

Practice at every opportunity, even asking yourself yes and no questions about who is the next to call you, or what the weather will be like. You have to become tuned into the energy in order to read it. You will be ready to move on when you feel comfortable with change and a new endeavor. Don’t try to rush things.

Not what I wanted

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I lived more or less happily for many years in a foreign country, then from 2006 all kinds of sad events made me depressed. I separated from a partner; my work environment became hostile and I had to resign; my mother died—she was practically my only family. Then I started a difficult relationship with another partner, and from the beginning we were stalked for nearly 2 years: my partner was victim of a murder attempt. We were obliged to move far away in a small city. I feel like I was obliged to make uncomfortable choices only to save my life, a life that I don’t like anymore. On top of that, I always get physical discomforts. I often feel that what I live is not what I want to live. Is this going to change? How? ~Maria, Italy

ANSWER: Change will come when you make the effort. You have been riding along on the events presented to you and saying there is nothing you can do. Once you get depressed you bring more negative energy and events to you because the universe says, “Oh, she likes to be sad and feeling bad; let’s give her some more issues to work with.”

Once you start in a situation, even if it is terribly uncomfortable to you, you stick around rather than making a move. After you separated from the first partner, you mentioned you felt so bad about yourself and why he had left that you blamed yourself for the breakup. You moped around until your employers had enough of your negativity and made things so unpleasant for you that you ran away.

From the beginning, the relationship with your new partner should have sent you screaming away from him. But for you, he was someone who was there. He was using you and you allowed it. His troubles became your troubles and you still stayed around. Even violence didn’t give you the idea to move on to some more positive place. You listen to others instead of making any decisions yourself.

If you begin to accept that you have the right to be as happy as the next person, and not be used or abused by anyone, you will be able to move on. Do not let anyone tell you what to do. Do things only when you feel like doing them. You don’t like your life anymore because you don’t like yourself. Take the things you can’t stand and start replacing them, one at a time. Give yourself permission to be happy. Allow your life to change into one where you can feel safe and comfortable. Get help from the various women’s organizations out there that can help you get settled into a new life style. It is never too late.