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Why the attraction?

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder if you can help to discover if this possible candidate for me belongs to my soul group. Since I met him I sensed some familiarity and I feel very comfortable talking to him, and I also like him and I am interested in him even though I have heard negative stories about him. I would like you to tell me if the attraction and curiosity I feel for him is because I was his wife or lover in previous life. I can’t mention his name for confidentiality and because nothing has happened between us yet. Could you let me know if he would be good for me as a partner or would he be interested in me?  ~Maria, USA

ANSWER: This person is not a soul mate, nor have you shared lives with him before. He has an active energy of excitement about him. He considers himself a “player”—that is, someone who can get others to do his bidding if he puts a little effort into it. He likes to have a chain of women salivating at his door so he can get them to do anything he asks.

He does not see you as a threat to him at this time because of the interest he can feel oozing out of you. You are someone he is sizing up to see what games he can play with you. His life is all about pleasure and satisfaction for himself. He never considers anyone else’s needs or desires. He can be a bit of a chameleon, changing to be whoever you think would be exciting and loving to you. He even starts out relationships as a meek, mild-mannered, needy person.

Your life has not been very interesting or exciting, and a union with this gentleman would definitely give you some excitement. Nothing is right or wrong in the choices that you make for your Earth experiences. If you feel you need to be in a situation where you can’t trust what a person is saying, and may be lied to and used, this would be a perfect opportunity.

On some level you have sensed this would be a difficult companionship or you  would not be looking for permission to jump in. We will not encourage or dissuade you from going forward. Much can be learned from this person.

Cause of disastrous cycle

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, yet another of my relationships is coming to an end. I have just made a discovery that most men I’ve been with are emotionally unavailable to me. They are selfish with big egos, and are totally driven by money, public recognition, and admiration. What does it actually say about me, if I am drawn to these qualities? ~Adriana, UK

ANSWER: To this point you have been desperate to be in and stay in a relationship. This “need” is what precedes you and tells prospects you will do just about anything to start a connection with them. In the beginning you present yourself to be exactly what you think a good candidate would want in a woman. You morph into a perfect person. You are looking for someone who is worthy of you, so he must be successful, able to take you to nice places and introduce you to great people and situations.

If you look at those requirements, you have a person completely playing society’s game of survival of the fittest and the one with the most toys wins. This creates an egotistical, selfish individual concerned only in advancing himself so that he may have more money and more toys; oh, and you as his trophy woman. This is what you have been looking for—and found! You don’t recognize what a jerk you have picked up until you get tired of being who you are not and relax into your own non-egotistical, non-judgmental, loving self.

You will bring a different type of man into your life if you begin each relationship exactly as you are. Don’t say or do anything you do not completely feel or believe in, unless you wish to change into that kind of a person. You draw to yourself whatever you project outwardly. If you project a mask, a false image of yourself, that is what you get in return. If you ask the universe for a caring, sharing individual who will listen and love you, that is what you will encounter. Stop being so desperate. Start being choosy. Settle only for someone who, from the very beginning, gives you a good idea of his ideals and way of life. This is the only way to change your pattern.

Is romance necessary?

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, modern society considers the relationship between spouses to be deepest. However, according to various spiritual teachers, the ultimate aim is to love all beings unconditionally and without attachment. Is it necessary to maintain ‘romantic relationships’ or is that just another form of addiction/ dependence? ~Vyraj, India

ANSWER: Souls come into body to be able to experience a number of different feelings and lessons. Romantic love, the love shared between two human beings, can only be felt with the nervous system of the physical body. Souls cannot feel a romantic type of love. However, they can certainly detect an all-consuming unconditional love, like that of which they are composed of when in energetic form.

Some souls come down with a lesson of experiencing all aspects of physical romantic love. The ups and downs of the emotions, the give and take between two people who may be totally different, the sense of abandonment or betrayal that is strongest when associated with romantic love: these can only be felt with a human body.

Society tells everyone that the family is the most important aspect of life. This provides more people in the form of children and creates less discord created by love triangles, stalking, and jealousies. Society is ego-driven and judges right or wrong, and compliance with everyone else in the group. Love for another human is encouraged and accepted. Love for oneself is considered narcissistic and selfish.

On the spiritual soul level, after the lessons are completed, the soul finds its path back to Home by following the unconditional love that is contained within. But even before that, souls can truly love another only to the extent that they love themselves. Without a sense of self-love, the person has no idea what love feels like, and therefore cannot understand love for someone else.

Therefore, each soul needs to have a combination of spiritual unconditional love and romantic love to experience incarnate life to the fullest.