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Dealing with indecision

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Question: Masters, I am having a hard time discerning my soul journey. I was offered a job to teach in Boston for 6 months and while it sounds great, there’s a part of me unwilling to commit. I can’t tell if it’s my fear of commitment (something everyone says I have) that makes me not want to stay in Boston for that long or if I’m tuning into my own truth. ~Catherine, USA

ANSWER: Your life journey is the path you are traversing at any given moment. It can vary from day to day depending on what you need to experience. Stop trying to over-think what particular lessons you set up for yourself. Just deal with them as they appear.

You have chosen a series of lessons that deal with everyday life and accomplishing something you have started and for the completion of which you have taken full responsibility. You fear that which you do not understand or know. You will not easily enter into anything unless the outcome is pre-determined. This is the result of a lack of confidence in your own feelings about things.

You listen to others because it is easier to follow their opinions than to assume responsibility and make the decisions yourself. You go back and forth, and that is why you have the reputation of not being able to make a commitment.

Your lack of decisiveness is nothing but fear. Face those fears. Ask what is behind them, and get rid of it. Mostly you will find a lack of self-confidence hiding in the background. Let yourself recount everything you have successfully completed, and know that, if you put effort in to it, you can do anything.

You need to start trying new adventures to learn more about your own abilities. Should you go to Boston? That is for you to decide with your freedom of choice. But stop selling yourself short just because you haven’t tried something before.     

Being manipulated for sex

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I was in a relationship with a man in 1999. We separated when he left the country. Even though we were no longer together, we continued to holiday together once a year till 2006. He is now in a relationship with a woman who will be moving into his house in two weeks. This is a big move for him as he has never lived with a woman before. He wants to go for a last holiday with me. Why does he want to go on a holiday with me? To say goodbye? And risk losing his current partner for a few days with me? I am confused. I love him and I could sense his love for me. I want to marry him and have been willing to move to his country. But he seems happy with his current partner who is from the same city. I felt that he abandoned me even though I was pregnant in our past lives and we have unfinished business in this life. How would a holiday, after he and his partner moved in together, help us finish business? I love him, want to be the mother of his child, and his wife.  ~Bintang, Singapore

ANSWER: This man is a manipulator, a liar, and a cheat. He is very charming and can seem to be devoted to someone—the one he is with at that moment. Since he left eleven years ago he has had a steady stream of women in and out his door. He loves variety and diversity so he maintained contact with you for that reason. Your holidays together were a no-commitment—on his part—way to sustain multiple relationships. You are not the only one he has such an arrangement with.

The years between 2006 and today were filled with other women. Some have caught on to his supposed commitment to a single partner and have told him to be gone and not try to trick them anymore. He has come back to you because he is aware that you are unfamiliar with his activities in the intervening years. He has a very high level of sexual need. He satisfies this with the use of multiple partners. He has contacted you again to replace those women who have left him.

You have done this with him in a past life. He was the same type of scoundrel then as he is now. He ran off when a child would have caused a commitment. Your unfinished business in this lifetime is to see what he really is and stop trying to imagine him to be loving and caring toward you. He does not want to marry you and definitely does not want to have a child with you.

He sees you as a love object to play with. There are no right or wrong actions in your soul’s journey, so you have freedom of choice as to your next move. You may play his game, but please consider honoring yourself. Stop the cycle of use and abuse that this relationship has been and go on with your own life.

How did present day man come to be?

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, there seems to be different schools of thought regarding the origin of humans on the earth. One view (Darwin’s Theory, Science) asserts that the humans are the result of gradual evolutions from various living species. Bible and other scriptures assert that the humans have been created by God directly in the form they are now. Other theories assert that the humans are on earth to experience the duality. What is correct?  ~Diwakar, India

ANSWER: The reason there as so many different stories of the origin of man is that no one who was around during the beginning took notes. Science has used the evidence it has found around the world in skeletal remains, variations within a species which differ based on the diverse environmental influences, and experimentation with plants and animals to support the theories it espouses.

The religious account comes from bibles and scriptures which were created at the earliest in the 2nd millennium BC, beginning around 1400 BC. Science has proven that man was on the planet thousands of years before that. In fact he had been on Earth for tens of thousands of years. Survival was the only thing of importance, and just like a baby cannot tell you how he got to Earth, man is unable to tell you how he got to his present state.

The materials that are used by religions today tell the story they want the people to believe. Some have in fact come from us on the other side, but like with all messages from here they are subject to the degree of expertise the translator has developed in interpreting our vibrational speech. What this leaves modern man with, in order to understand the reason he appears as he does, is guesstimation.

The reality is that Planet Earth exists as a duality. It is a place of polar opposites of right and wrong. Souls come to Earth to learn lessons that can only be experienced where they have a freedom of choice. Even the scriptures had this theme with the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had a choice between good and evil and chose evil to experience what they were not.

Souls have chosen, for the duration of the planet, to come to it to have the experience of the evolutionary process. They learn to make decisions and create the material they need to accomplish their desire. To answer your question, based upon the last statement, all of the things you have read can be possible in different souls’ choices.