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Letting others create your beliefs for you

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my youngest son and his younger sister have had a horrible negative event. No one’s sure what happened but it is said his girlfriend said some nasty things about my daughter at her wedding. His girlfriend and I have talked, and she has said he just needs to get over it. That came out in a conversation with my son, and the girlfriend called me a liar and my son believes her. Now he calls me a liar which I absolutely am not. It’s a hopeless situation and I feel she has cost me my son. What is your advice on this? ~Robi, USA

ANSWER: Every person creates their own reality and what they accept as the truth in their world. Your son’s girlfriend is a trouble maker who is jealous of various members of your family. She delights in creating controversy and having control over others. At this time, your son is being manipulated by his girlfriend, who wants to separate him from the rest of the family. This is one of his life lessons: to be able to “feel” what resonates with him and what he wants to believe – a lesson in discernment.

You are not going to be able to get anyone to change their mind concerning their beliefs in this situation unless, or until, they make the decision to do so. For her to admit her nasty remarks to your daughter would be to tell on her own devious plans to put wedges between family members. For your son, he would have to take sides against the woman he thinks is his “one and only love.”

You know the only one here not telling the truth is the girlfriend. While it hurts for your son not to believe what you say, you have to see it from his perspective. Does he back up his lover or does he take the side of his family, who his girlfriend claims does not like her and is trying to break them apart? Give him time, away from the constant struggle, to reason out what is happening.

When one gets so disturbed by the words of another, it is generally because they think there could be a grain of truth in them. Continue with your confidence in what you know and disregard what she is saying.

Send the kids unconditional love that they might come to their senses and accept things as they happened, not as they would have liked them to happen. Don’t carry a grudge or judgment because that takes you into negativity and away from love. Be the spiritually loving person in the equation, carrying the love for all of you until they decide to join you.

Sound waves and vibrations

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I went to a gong sound session and had aura photos taken before and after. The sounds of gongs are supposed to calm, to harmonize and to heal, but after the session the state of my aura got worse. What’s the explanation for this? ~Lina, Lithuania

ANSWER: Interpreting auras can be done in many ways. A person’s aura can vary depending on their emotional state, as well as by the energies swirling around them. You can vary your aura from minute to minute by changing the predominant thoughts you hold in your head. Watch a person and ask them to hold loving, happy thoughts in their head. Then tell them to change and think about the scariest, most unhappy time in their life. Within seconds you can observe their aura change color.

The vibrations of a gong may calm, harmonize, and heal a soul, but they also may begin a process of clearing out negative memories and energies that were being held in the body and needed to be dealt with in order to orchestrate the healing. Some frequencies have the effect of freeing hidden or buried events you need to work on for them to no longer impact your life.

Your state of mind and expectation for the session also influence the outcome. If you are concentrating on achieving a meditative state, you can block anything else from occurring. If you see the session as a means of harmonizing and clearing the body, anything may occur.

Harmonizing, in this sense, may mean matching your internal vibration to that of the music, or it may mean balancing your whole body into a single tone, such as that of one or another of your chakras. If the sound is accomplishing some kind of balancing within your physical body, it may be disrupting the equilibrium of your spiritual body for the moment, which will be visible in the aura.

Don’t be too concerned about the color of your aura at any one time unless it stays in a perpetually black state where it is joining with other negative entities in the vicinity. Warm up your aura with unconditional love frequently so that becomes the default setting for you.

Balancing spiritual and physical worlds

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, since my awakening, I have been feeling I want to be a speaker/spiritual teacher. I want to help people to know about their soul, life lessons, the energies that they had drawn and how to connect with their soul, powers, and abilities. I also felt that one of my primary lessons was about faith and confidence in my abilities, and to get rid of my ego. Right now, I want to follow this path. Why do I feel this so strongly inside my heart? Currently, I cannot abandon my actual job, because I am in another country and I need the money. At the same time, I have a lot of free time. From your perspective, I want to use my abilities and powers to live full-time such as a “spiritual speaker” to assist others. Could you advise me to know how I can start? ~San, Canada

ANSWER: You have entered into an enlightened path, which, first and foremost, means getting rid of the ego judgment of the third dimension and living in the unconditional love of Source energy. You have further recognized two of your lessons: self-confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities. Helping others to reach this same position is something you had thought you might enjoy doing when you reached this point, and it is your higher self that is reminding you of this and being a little insistent that you start working in that direction.

There are many ways you can become a spiritual teacher. It does not have to be a full-time job at first, nor does it have to encompass a large number of people. You can share your knowledge and wisdom with others on their path informally and in small group situations such as parties, volunteering, and hobby or church groups. You may also produce small pamphlets in which you explain spiritual principles.

Once you are successful on a small scale, the possibility to move to larger groups and full-time status will be there. Be patient and practice teaching techniques on all those available. Don’t follow any plan you have seen work for another; invent your own. Let the world see how spirituality has enriched your life, and they will desire to match your love.