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New Year’s resolution

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

The following question and answer were received, answered, and printed on Dec 31, 2008 shortly after we began this journey. It seemed like a little reminder from the beginning of our messages was in order – it is so very relevant to every year, decade, and century.

QUESTION: Masters, I know that human celebrations may seem a little artificial to you, being outside of planet Earth’s time zone. But the dawn of the calendar year, for us, is a time when we human beings like to make lists of “good resolutions.” We usually aim at things like losing weight, stopping smoking, and speaking nicely to our mother-in-law. If you were to make a list of good resolutions for humankind, what would it contain?

ANSWER: This question really started an interesting discussion among us. Our first point of interest was what we would consider a “good” resolution – you do know that we do not judge good, bad, or best. But then we laid semantics aside and dived into the issue. Our point of view was from a rather different perspective than yours might be: we looked from the angle of souls wishing to reach enlightenment and complete their mission to Earth. With that in mind, our list would read:

  1. To become aware of our true nature – that we are a piece of Source energy.
  2. To love all souls sharing this journey with us even when we do not like the nature of their chosen lessons.
  3. To accept ourselves fully as we are because it is necessary for the path we walk – self-love.
  4. To learn to banish all fear so we might see the lesson within.
  5. To understand the lessons we came to Earth to learn.
  6. To trust in the universe, knowing it will not give us more than we can endure.
  7. To have faith in our self because we are divine.
  8. To know we create our own reality, so we have the power to create what we need to complete our journey.
  9. To be able to release the human ego to enjoy fully the unconditional love of the soul.
  10. To live each day in communion with our fellow souls in unconditional love.

Happy Earth New Year to all!

Who, what, where, when, why?

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

QUESTIONS: Masters who are you? ~Naiara, Brazil:  and Where did you learn to give the answers? ~Ivan, Brazil

ANSWER: We are a group of souls, the same as you, who have also been broken off from Source energy, just like you. The difference is that we have become experts in one or more human characteristics, which allows us to offer information to those who ask. We are called ascended because we assume this position of Master to you only when we are at Home in our essential, energetic form.

Were we to come to Earth to learn something new, we would be under the type of amnesia that bars you from tapping into this information – which you all know but don’t remember. To be a “Master,” a soul has to learn every possible aspect of a particular issue such as abuse, betrayal, or love. This is accomplished by incarnating multiple times, concentrating on the single focus of desired mastery, each time from an angle different from that of previous attempts. When every aspect has been explored, one is a Master as to that issue.

The soul then has two choices: either to remain at Home and be available to assist subjects who are studying in their mastery, or to return to Earth to study another area. The number of subjects a single soul may master is dependent only on the amount of time they wish to spend working toward mastery.

How do we know the answers? We are able to see what is happening to you as you ask your questions. We can reflect on what you have done before you asked, but we cannot tell you what you will do next because you have the freedom of choice to make your selections immediately before acting on them.

The channel for this site is told which questions we wish to provide information on because the answers will serve the most good for the most people. She then clears her mind of her own thoughts and opinions and sits in front of the computer, where we dictate our responses.

Mental illness

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters what do you think of mental illness, and how do we approach healing it in the spiritual standpoint? ~Ryan, Singapore

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Mental illness, like any physical condition a soul experiences while undergoing a human life, is for the purpose of learning something about being a human, how to handle freedom of choice, and what powers and abilities are available. One of the common factors that may be observed from a person suffering a mental condition is that they are more open to the ability to connect with nonphysical beings when in a psychotic or fugue state. These are the “voices” in their heads.

To sum it all up, as far as we are concerned, all mental illnesses are just life lessons chosen by the individual. For some, the experience is to learn how to manage the condition; for others, it’s to find how to balance the psyche or be healed.

Mental illness has such a negative stigma on Earth because society is ego based. When a person’s thought process is not able to make the choices of what society thinks are correct, they don’t fit in and are feared for their unpredictability. It is all surrounded by the general fear of the unknown. People want to go about their daily life without having to think too much, so predictability is expected.

It is not possible, as you request, to be able to heal all those having mental problems because their chosen lesson may be living a life subjected to the difficulties of mental illness. What can be done to assist these souls is, during their lucid moments, to talk with them about their feelings. If you can see what triggers outbursts, you can help them settle into a routine devoid of this stimulus, creating an existence that is not disruptive to those around them.

As with any lesson, going to the cause allows you to work with it and remove – or at least diminish – its effect. Denying the existence of a cause prevents dealing with the condition in a positive fashion.