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Understanding life

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have always felt like I have a very important mission but I feel disconnected from myself and my soul. I see and desire the growth needed in order to fulfill my mission but I feel as if something is blocking me from being able to do so. What do I need to do in order to reach self-enlightenment? How do I reach my inner “psychic” abilities? Will I ever be able to see and understand things consciously as well as I feel I do subconsciously? Also, I was wondering if you could tell me whether my grandmother is home or has reincarnated. Everybody in my
family tells me that she has passed her strength and wisdom down to me. If this is true, I would like to say Thank you and please help me understand how I am intended to use that in this life. ~Jamie, United States

ANSWER: Everyone who comes to Earth has an important mission: to get to know their true nature and to bring that energy into their physical life. You speak of yourself and your soul as two different things, but they are one and the same; it is the soul that allows you to be who you are. Growth comes from harmony with the unconditional love that is the essence of the universe.

The first step to resonate with the universal energy is to rid your world of anything negative. That is what causes the blockages in life. Judgment is the hallmark of the ego and divides everything the body deals with into negative and positive, keeping negativity as half of the equation of life.

If you stop judging your actions, and merely accept the information you learn from the lessons of life, you can look at all occurrences as positive. Once your life is only positive, you can listen to the inner self where you connect with enlightenment and all the abilities present therein – what you call the psychic ones.

Do not be so concerned with “understanding consciously” because that again is in the ego world with judgment. You don’t have to “think” anything; just “feel” your way through. Feeling lets you evaluate your understanding of your abilities, what you want to do with them, and what you can do with them.

Your grandmother is Home here with us and is watching your journey. You and she are part of the same soul group and have been together in many lives. You have a lot of the same traits learned together from sharing experiences. You have nothing to thank her for because you both have worked to get the abilities you possess.

Removing magic

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, 10 years ago I lived a problematic phase in my life and for the first time I was ungrounded. Disoriented, I’ve searched by a woman who claimed to have mystical power to guide me. She told me that some people did some work of magic on me and this needed to be scrapped. Desperate, I believed her, but she charged a large amount of money; and then asked for more and more and more. I paid a couple of times and then I disappeared. I realized that she wanted to extort me. My question is: How strong are these magics? What is my power to free myself of this? Since I disappeared, I suspect that she has kept the magic. Since this my financial life has always been bad and I cannot recover. ~José, Brazil

ANSWER: When you find yourself ungrounded, flailing around with no direction or purpose, you fall prey to the default setting of human life, which is anything and everything negative. Black magic is pure negativity. When you give up hope and say “whatever” you are asking the universe to give you a new experience. Then, whatever negativity is around will enter into your life and cause you problems because you have given it permission to enter by your indifference.

To remove the effect of negativity you must take steps to let it know that it is no longer welcome and you want it to leave. There are some people out there who have had experience with helping to remove and block the negative spirits. The woman who preyed on you is a faker. She has no particular abilities except to know how to intimidate those who are afraid so that she can force them to give her money. She has not kept the magic in place because she has no talent to do so.

What happened to you is that you believed so strongly in what she told you that you doubted your ability to do anything yourself. You must first find your inner strength. Your soul, which animates your body, is a piece of the Creator, so if you allow yourself, you can create whatever you need to free you of this negative energy.

You have to accept that there is power within you and that you can use it to manifest what you need to move your life forward. Surround yourself with the white light of unconditional love. Tell all negativity that you revoke permission for it to be in you or attached to you. Wash your body with love and replace with positivity the negative energy you have chased away.

Once the negative attachments are gone, start manifesting financial success. You have the means to do that if you believe you do.


Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, could you please help me understand self-love? For many years self-love represented “selfishness” to me in my mind (due to beliefs I gathered throughout my life) but now I want to feel love for myself as it seems to be the key to something magnificent. ~Kristina, Canada

ANSWER: Society wants all people to take care of the rest of society so it does not have to do it itself. Society has enforced the belief that to care about yourself, or particularly to talk about loving yourself, is to be selfish and not do your part to create a caring society.

All people on the planet are souls who are having their individual human experience. The lessons of one soul’s trip cannot be undertaken by another soul, because each soul is on a singular journey with a separate destination. According to society you can influence anyone on whom you expend attention. But since all souls have freedom to make their own choices about everything in their life, they can just laugh at your attempts to instruct and/or direct them and go their own way.

The soul is composed of unconditional love, which is all positive energy with not a drop of negativity. It is devoid of fear and doubt and powerful enough to manifest your desires. You are a piece of Source energy and, once you accept your latent abilities, you can create your own reality.

Getting rid of judgment sends the negative side of things packing. When you go inside to take an inventory of your feelings you will find that unconditional love. Embrace that love, accept it as a part of you, and become that love. That is self-love. Using that love of self, you will be able to deal with all things coming to you. You can love everything about yourself even if you don’t like all the little things that you can work on or change.

This type of self-love is not selfish. It helps you become a more loving person to others, because you can love another only to the extent to which you love yourself.