Understanding life

QUESTION: Masters, I have always felt like I have a very important mission but I feel disconnected from myself and my soul. I see and desire the growth needed in order to fulfill my mission but I feel as if something is blocking me from being able to do so. What do I need to do in order to reach self-enlightenment? How do I reach my inner “psychic” abilities? Will I ever be able to see and understand things consciously as well as I feel I do subconsciously? Also, I was wondering if you could tell me whether my grandmother is home or has reincarnated. Everybody in my
family tells me that she has passed her strength and wisdom down to me. If this is true, I would like to say Thank you and please help me understand how I am intended to use that in this life. ~Jamie, United States

ANSWER: Everyone who comes to Earth has an important mission: to get to know their true nature and to bring that energy into their physical life. You speak of yourself and your soul as two different things, but they are one and the same; it is the soul that allows you to be who you are. Growth comes from harmony with the unconditional love that is the essence of the universe.

The first step to resonate with the universal energy is to rid your world of anything negative. That is what causes the blockages in life. Judgment is the hallmark of the ego and divides everything the body deals with into negative and positive, keeping negativity as half of the equation of life.

If you stop judging your actions, and merely accept the information you learn from the lessons of life, you can look at all occurrences as positive. Once your life is only positive, you can listen to the inner self where you connect with enlightenment and all the abilities present therein – what you call the psychic ones.

Do not be so concerned with “understanding consciously” because that again is in the ego world with judgment. You don’t have to “think” anything; just “feel” your way through. Feeling lets you evaluate your understanding of your abilities, what you want to do with them, and what you can do with them.

Your grandmother is Home here with us and is watching your journey. You and she are part of the same soul group and have been together in many lives. You have a lot of the same traits learned together from sharing experiences. You have nothing to thank her for because you both have worked to get the abilities you possess.