Healing shields

QUESTION: Masters, I have an awareness of Healing Shields. What are the mechanics of how they actually function? Years back, through a person channeling my guides, I was told I had been gifted with healing shields in this lifetime. This in answer as to why, at times I felt immense emptiness. They said I was sending my shields out in search of people to heal and not encountering anyone, would pick up the emptiness. From this info I then intended that they go out to the area hospitals, and no more emptiness occurred. But what are they? How can I more consciously use them? Where they around my friend who just died of cancer? I appreciate your clarifications. ~Margaret, USA

ANSWER: “Healing shields” is a phrase that means different things to different people. It can be used to describe an impenetrable barrier against negative energies that unbalance the human body; it can refer to a protection against being affected by another’s intentional harm; or it can be the soothing embrace of unconditional love, which corrects all matters of distress.

You have been a healer in many of your previous lives. What you understand as healing shields for yourself has to do with your ability to send and direct unconditional love or life-force energy to another for the purpose of the healing of their dis-ease.

You unconsciously were sending out this force, but you were not directing it in any way so it was draining you of energy, which made you feel empty. Once you attached an intention to the energy, and tapped into the source so that you replenished what you sent out, you felt the flow. It was a misunderstanding that you were not able to “find” anyone who needed healing; your beam just wasn’t directed to anything, so you felt like you were endlessly entering a void.

You have been acting as a facilitator for energy. Rather than a shield, it is easier to think of your ability as a ray of healing energy dispersed to those in need. You are the shower head spraying all the thirsty flowers to bring them back to health so they may bloom. The water is focused by intention alone – no need for mechanics.

Your friend had predetermined to go through the disease process and return Home. The directed universal life-force energy allowed the transition to proceed as intended and helped make it an easy journey back.

You may continue helping the energy to reach out to all those in need, but know that it can only help them if that is their intention and if nothing else, like a life lesson, is going against your intention.