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Reconciling teachings with feelings

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I love the idea of your philosophies being true! Indoctrinated as a Bible-based Christian, how do I reconcile the apparent differences? ~Linda, England

ANSWER: In the beginning of a human life, the rules and regulations by which you live that life are given to you by others. They create what is called your personal belief system. Most people feel that they are absolute, inviolate, and cannot be changed or even questioned. But the primary law of the universe is that all souls have the freedom to choose each and every facet of their existence, which includes the composition of their belief system.

Society, and each aspect within it, adds to your knowledge of what should be included in your beliefs by telling you things that benefit that society, including rules that make it easier to control your thoughts and actions. Sometimes you never even hear or can figure out why society leaders say what they do, or why you should be  compelled to live their way.

Our “philosophies,” as you call them, are concepts we expose you to in order to see if they resonate within you and give you a sense of who you are and what you can do as a soul having a human experience. We never tell someone what to believe, and never try to insinuate that we can identify exactly what makes you feel complete.

Our patterns of living within the human vernacular can be used across all walks of life. They are not religious, not secular, not societal laws, nor physical laws; they are the way we see—and have always experienced—life both in and out of human shells.

In living a human existence you are constantly changing your perspective on what you want to participate in, and thereby changing your reality. Your first reality is as a totally dependent being unable to take care of yourself. Gradually you develop some facility but have to be cautious as you learn what is and is not physically harmful.

You then start school and learn about an expanding universe in which you may participate. As you progress through education your reality becomes more expansive and you start to choose a direction. When your own employment and family begin to take shape, you are in a position of taking responsibility for the reality of not only yourself but others as well.

Once responsibility has shifted, your belief system is rewritten to include only what feels right to you. In every incident of your current belief system, you have the ability to pick and choose that which expresses your life as you wish to live it. Some things that were perfect earlier in life just don’t resonate as some new concepts do at this time. Follow what feels like the best thing for you now. Nothing is right or wrong in a spiritual experience.

Current energy movement

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

QUESTIONS: Masters, I know that the energy fields in the universe are constantly being tweaked these days in anticipation of our ultimate goal of ascension, or whatever one wishes to call it. I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety issues of late, without real reasons. Can you tell me why? I can’t imagine that I am the only one dealing with this. ~Deborah, USA

ANSWER: Humans are becoming more aware of the energy fields in the universe because of the enlightenment they have acquired with their personal work of understanding who they are as a soul on this journey in being human. The transition of 2012 has made it easier for people to feel the energy because there is not as much interference by planets blocking, or having the beams bounce away from, the direct pathways of the energy.

Whenever people connect on a deeper basis with their own energy, or the universal Source, they are helping the physical body to clear out residual blockages created by life lessons. Since Earth is a duality of positive and negative experiences, blockages are mostly the result of incomplete lessons that just got too uncomfortable for the soul to complete. They are all negativity related. You don’t hide your positive, pleasing involvements.

Anxiety is the physical emotion most associated with negativity. As your energy level increases, it will jog loose some of the little instances you hid in the back of your closet. It doesn’t really matter what it is related to—you are finally getting rid of it as it leaves your energy field. Let it go and be thankful you will no longer have to deal with it or carry around additional negativity.

There are loads of people experiencing this purge that you report. The more souls that continue on their journey with a desire to connect to their divine unconditional love, the more instances of spontaneous release will be noted. The best thing to do is just go with the flow of the energy and enjoy the feeling of lightness that results from each release of the sludge you have been harboring.

Does the advice help?

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, we read in the websites of light, teachers saying, as if it were the easiest thing, maintain state-centered all the time. Everyone made an agreement before coming, was probably the moment for what they wanted, because once here is terrible, and cannot be what we were. We do not understand the agreements therefore do everything possible to keep us within the recommendations, but when we were low on a terrible pressure, it hurts too much. We can spend days meditating, sending lights to the crystalline grids, suddenly the dark night takes us, the answer is always it is your vibration. Those who fall asleep, enriching, studying, happy, while sometimes lightworkers in need, maintain meditation practically exist elsewhere. Hold in the present, focusing, for the future, funny, stay in the present, to take action in the future? ~Daniel, BRAZIL

ANSWER: The advice which others provide to you through their books, teachings, and web sites can only be what has worked for them in their search for unconditional love and connection to Source. It does not mean that this is the only path you can use to get in touch with your inner self. Some, out of arrogance, say this is the only way, this is what you must do, but they cannot know which is the correct path for you.

Trial and error, not ritual and blind obedience, will assist you in getting connected. And, yes, holding yourself in the present is a key. Only in the present can you take action to create the future. Thinking and plotting about future acts removes you from a position to implement those thoughts. Going over what has occurred in the past is a waste of time because you can’t change anything that has already happened. Staying in the present allows you the opportunity to make the choices that produce your future.

You did all make choices about what this life should look like, and have made some agreements with others to ensure that you have the desired interactions. But a soul always has freedom of choice—even to change the choices made before coming to Earth.

There are many ways to progress through to enlightenment—not all work for all people. When you hear something that resonates within you, give it a try and see if it helps you move forward. If not, then try the next thing that feels good. Use your freedom of choice to find the right way for you.