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When dementia visits

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, my mom has dementia and it is very difficult to know how to help her. I often see the fear and frustration in her eyes at not being able to say what she wants to, etc. She falls or pulls the curtain down busting her lip thinking the room is on fire. I just wonder how much she is feeling all this hurt. It seems she forgets the next moment anything has happened. Is she already crossing over and back to spirit? She said “they” are letting her know when a child is aborted so she can help the baby to transition. How do the guides help with dementia souls? Masters, please help my mom. ~Sheila, USA

ANSWER: Your mother’s dementia has gone beyond being a learning experience specifically for her and is now a lesson for all those around her. As you have observed she is living more in the moment than she ever did before. After dealing with a situation, regardless how traumatic it appeared, she has concern only for her immediate surroundings. She is, in a way, a captive of her thinking mind, and it has a very short loop of awareness. She has passed the point of being aware of her lack of memory and functioning.

When you watch her, all kinds of emotions and history come popping into your head; these are generally things you haven’t completely worked out for yourself. You can tell which ones are the life lessons because they appear to be fears and doubts about how to handle a situation. You also are looking into a mirror and absorbing the energy. Make the choice to see it as lessons and not a future for you.

She does spend a good amount of time communicating with the other side, and she is starting to work on a project she will be engaged in when she transitions—that of helping souls who attached to a fetus only to have the mother make the decision not to go through with the birth. She just leaves a slight attachment to the physical body and goes about her training.

Her soul does not have dementia; only the physical body that she chose to hold it does. The conscious mind that worked out understanding about life has left the building. When those near her have settled their understanding of this ailment, she will move on to that next project.

What does duality mean?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, please tell me about the duality of Earth. How come that Earth is the only place this occurs? Why not other places? Also is positive and negative an accurate reflection of the energy here? When I breathe in oxygen and a tree breathes in my carbon dioxide, and then vice versa, is one positive and other negative or is it just about balance? Or if yellow contrasts with violet, is one positive and the other negative? Thinking about our lives in terms of positive and negative seems such a monochrome view when the world is full of colour that balances out. I would love to hear your view. ~David, UK

ANSWER: Duality deals with the emotions associated with the choices you make to learn and understand the human condition. Negative and positive refer to the two sides of every life issue. Various shades of color and functions of other organisms are not negative and positive to all other living things—they are not in the process of learning about themselves by making choices. All things not humanly physical merely provide a background to enable the human life-lesson process.

Positive and negative does not mean good and bad as the human judgment records. These are all constructs of the ego, which wants to grade all things to see where they appear on the scale of superiority. Souls come from a place of evaluation where everything is undertaken simply for the experience. You then see if it is something you can learn from, either to incorporate into your illusion or decide once was enough; this is not judging.

Earth was selected to be the cauldron where the soul could face negativity, which is not the chosen state of the soul. At all other times than when on Earth, the soul is in unconditional love. The default for learning lessons is to recognize the negative energy involved and choose to change it into positive energy. If you wished to go to a place to spend time experiencing music, philosophy, physical strength, or art, you would not have to have negativity around—it would make it more difficult for you to enjoy your endeavor.

At this time Earth is sufficient to handle the needs of the souls wishing to experience using life lessons as the manner in which to understand their essential essence in a physical body. By existing in negativity, the soul has to discover its unconditional love in order to fully feel that phenomenon in a physical body. Your purpose in being human is to use the pre-chosen life-lesson process to understand about the powers of the soul and the nature of your essence.


“Blessed” so he wants rewards

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

QUESTION: O! Divine Master, When I read about your Banner it really drive Me to higher self, Thank You! I was born a Muslim as a Gifted Clairvoyant and I’m admired most of God and Goddess Highest Level of Emperor Spirit came and Blessed Me. I ask then why My Life has so much of Obstacles till I getting Poorer and now I was Homeless too. Why Thy Spirit appeared just for Blessing purpose, I don’t ever thought of being Rich, will God Of Wealth, Master Chai Sn Yeah help Me to get back My Finance back during His Divine Energies presence? ~Bashir, Singapore

ANSWER: The life one leads on Earth is a solitary life of experiences through which you learn about yourself, the abilities you have, and how to use your talents. All souls are blessed. Blessings do not mean entitlement. The fact that you are aware, and recognized the acknowledgment of the higher forces, does not mean you will automatically have things presented to you. You have to work for things in the physical. The obstacles you encounter are the life lessons you planned for yourself to increase your wisdom. You must figure them out to move forward.

If someone told you that you have the ability to heal others, does that automatically make you a doctor or an energy healer? No! You have to take the time and seek out the right people to train you in the healing arts or procedures. If you sit back and say “I am blessed” and expect all to be provided to you, your life will be exactly as it is now.

You must go inside yourself and find the knowledge that the exalted ones were speaking about. It is in and of you, not something they conveyed to you. With your power you can have that which you seek. You need to put your energy into manifesting. Stop waiting for others to provide for you and bring what you need to yourself now.