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World conspiracies

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have not paid much attention to conspiracy theorists until lately and I would appreciate your guidance in whether we the people are really waking up to the truth of what goes on behind the scenes. Was 9/11 planned by our government, particularly Bush etc., and [Osama] bin Laden was just a fall guy who did what he was told? Are we blindly following our media/leaders to hate other countries while they are really the ones controlling and doing the damage? I am a seeker of the truth; please help us to know who we can trust and who needs to be removed from power. I believe in freedom and truth and that those of us who want to know will do what needs to be done. I want to be Enlightened. ~Stacey, USA

ANSWER: Think of this moment as being exposed to more radical ideas than you have faced at any time in the past. Everyone’s connectivity via the Internet has made it easy for those seeking to express their views to garner an audience. If you analyze most of the material you will see it does not really explain things as much as it speaks against or wants you to condemn a person, party, country, etc. that the author wants to have you fear or despise. This only works if you wish to live your life in the duality world of judgment and ego.

Truth is different for each person on your planet. To seek your truth you have to understand what is important to your journey through life. Each soul has its own illusion that it is living out. You may choose to stay within the one you have created and have control over what happens to you by exercising your freedom of choice, or you may put in your lot with a group and live by the majority decision. When you surrender your power of choice to the majority, you are unable to become enlightened because you are not completing your lessons by making the choices.

Truth varies with a point of view. If you bring a system of society into your illusion, you see all actions through the binoculars constructed by that system. Do you choose to be liberal or conservative? And what does that mean anyway? The standards are agreed upon by a societal group, and you accept them blindly in order to be considered a part of that group.

To be your own person, fulfill your life’s journey, complete your lessons, and become enlightened is the journey of the soul. Don’t worry about other people. They have nothing to do with your awakening. What do you feel you need to do to enter the unconditional love of enlightenment? It isn’t a place in the third dimension; it is a state of being, an illusion you create that is yours alone.

Dreams of children

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, from my recollection I was generally a bright and happy child and like most children, had a strong idea of what my profession would be when I grew up. This never eventuated, and now I feel unclear just what to do. I want to make the most of my time here and be of service to my community. Is my lesson to not see myself through my career and instead focus on my spiritual nature, or have I missed totally what I set out to do? I’m always a bit envious of those who find their passion in life! A final question on opening one’s sight: over 10 years ago I had the most vivid, beautiful dream about my guide and ancient Egypt but have had nothing since. Why was I able to see then but not now after years of practicing meditation? ~Alison, Australia

ANSWER: When humans are small they aspire to glamorous and highly regarded futures with little or no knowledge about what such a life or profession entails. You have the fantastic ability to change your choice of work or profession at any time. Our question to you is: why do you feel you have to grow up? The way you are using the phrase, it sounds like a dead-end place from which you cannot escape.

Passion is a concept that all aspire toward but not many find. It simply means you have found something—a profession, family, hobby, belief system—that excites you to the point at which nothing else matters in your life. It pulls you through your daily life. If you have a lot of life lessons you chose to complete in a lifetime, you may never get around to a passion. Some of those around you who you think have found their passion have really only discovered a way of making a lot of money, have fun at their job, or do as little work as they can and still get paid.

Your belief system, which was given to you early on, is what makes you think you have an obligation to be of service to your community. That is nice, but it doesn’t help you complete your lessons or learn anything about yourself. Relax! What feels like something you want to do? Start manifesting what you seek. It will come if you need to experience it.

Your dream was an introduction to the way you first met that guide. Once introduced, you don’t have to keep repeating the past. Develop a present. Establish communication with the guide—who doesn’t want to remain forever in Egypt. Bring the guide into the now.

Feelings for another

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

QUESTION: On a spiritual retreat I felt myself drawn to someone who is the complete opposite of anyone I have ever been attracted to. I cannot get this person off my mind. I have been in a long loving relationship with one of my true soul-mates. As with all relationships, it is not without its challenges. At times I feel like giving up.  While nothing happened between me and the other person, I feel cut-off from my partner whenever I even think of him. It is frustrating because I have always been extremely committed and faithful, and feel I am betraying my partner.  I am struggling to understand the reason behind this sudden meeting and what lies behind my strange, intense feelings. I think there is no path for us together romantically and he is also in love with someone else. What was our plan? Why? Is this a sign for me to relook at my existing relationship? Was I meant to help him in some way or vice versa? Am I imagining all of this? ~Sarah

ANSWER: When in the presence of pure elevated energy, like that at a spiritual retreat, you frequently see through the covering of the physical disguise each human wears, and go through to the essence of the soul beneath. Since all souls are composed of Source energy, and were broken off from Source, you sense unconditional love at its most intense. When you are attracted to someone thus revealed, you are attracted not to their personality but to their soul.

Your relationship with your husband is a typical life marriage in which you can learn tons of lessons about personal interactions and physical love. You and he have done extremely well in assisting each other through this life. The times of greatest difficulty have been when one pointed out something the other wished to deny. Your retreat occurrence is a point of reference for you between your core essence and your physical one. It is not between this other guy and your husband.

This is a lesson in clarity. Just what is happening here? How do you feel about this situation? You have adequately analyzed the parties and what can and cannot be. Yet you continue to look for something else instead of going with the feelings you have. Open to your intuition and follow it. What you can’t get off your mind is the sensation of his core unconditional love—but then your husband has that as well.

Work on finding and bringing that love to the surface. Gathering research information of what can be is not betraying, cheating, or disrespecting your husband, unless you think it is. Part of your feelings arise because you have not tried very hard lately to reach the essence of your husband. Throw the guilt away and start a renewed honeymoon.