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How to make it feel right

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have opened an office for healing with crystals and I was very excited. Since then, I am feeling that the space I am in is not right for me. I am uncomfortable there. My question is: are my feelings my intuition or is it my fear of success and confidence that I am tuning into? My biggest obstacle is trusting my gut right now and I want to rely on it! I want to be helping people and animals but all I do right now is stay away. ~Stacey, USA

ANSWER: In order to have an office or home that reflects who you are, you need to “decorate” and synchronize it to your energy. The space has been that of others for so long that some of their negativity is still present. You need to air it out, sage it to remove stagnant energies, and be very cautious of the negativity being left behind by your clients and those who visit.

Crystals bring out the hidden flow within the body. Some also capture that energy to assist the healing or balancing of the client. Care must be taken to continually clear out that residual to prepare the crystals for the next person.

To find out why your comfort level is off the charts, sit in the middle of the office with incense, candles, and crystals; drop into a meditative state; now ask yourself what you are feeling. Follow that with why you are feeling these things. You have a lot of repressed anxiety about success and responsibility. In the fashion above, you may replay the last time you dealt with them, and then work through them.

Your intuition is very strong but you don’t believe in it. Since everything you do and deal with is nonphysical, your third-dimensional judgment, which wants concrete proof, is pulling you down. You listen to non-believers too much. You must make up your own mind about what is part of the reality you wish to live.

Why mass disaster?

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am from India. Recently there has been devastating natural calamities in Himalayan region in India. Thousands of pilgrims have died in the Holy place. What is the purpose and lesson of the whole episode? Are we failing to learn something here in terms of environment /development balance? ~Ravi, India

ANSWER: This is a group life lesson agreed upon by thousands of souls. The purpose is to get the attention of the world concerning the importance of the ecological management of the planet. The thirst for electrical power is so great in your country with its huge population, and it is complicated by greed, which has superseded a concern for the environment. Because of the diversion of water and the tunnels built for power plants, the entire mountain range is unstable.

Experts have been warning the people and the government for years that care had to be taken, but money won out over common sense. So many officials are involved in the cause that they have tried to silence the reporters and stop accounts from even being released to the public, preventing most people from hearing about the disasters and the extent of the loss of land, houses, and people.

Over 100,000 souls agreed to participate in telling the truth. About 5,000 chose to transition at this time, and the rest, pilgrims from all over the country and world, bore witness to the devastation and the destruction of ancient spiritual sites. The souls hoped that this mass demonstration of the lack of care the industry and government has had for the lives of the people would make them all rethink the direction they are taking. At least, they hoped that this event would generate enough outrage to force a second look at procedures.

Accountability is a goal of this event. Will the people rise up and ask who, what, why regarding the cause of the damage—and how it can be repaired? Too many people have had their heads stuck in the ground ignoring the gross mismanagement of planet Earth. The souls were trying to change that. Only time will tell if they achieved their goal.

Different pathways

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, when I was a child and had a lot of free time, I was always reflecting about the life. Through these reflections with brain and heart, I discovered many truths. As the time pass and I have to dedicate more and more time to day-to-day subjects, I feel I’m losing this connection with my soul. I studied a reputed graduation, worked 3 years in industry, but this kind of work is unbearable for me. Now I’m working in my own business, something I believe in. I work very hard to make it succeed (with appropriate breaks), but it’s not working. So I get frustrated because both, material and spiritual life are not evolving. I believe in my capacities, I really believe that I can give a big contribution to increase love and happiness in this world, but what’s going wrong? What am I blocking? How to reverse this situation? ~Robson, Brazil

ANSWER: Your reflections were periods of pure meditation. Know that the time you spend replenishing yourself through meditation does not have to be a large amount of time; you just need to stop the flow of the negative thoughts and actions from the ego world and rebalance in positive loving energy.

The first step is to analyze where you are at the moment. You have made a number of decisions concerning the direction of your journey, so merely keep doing this. Nothing you have done in the past is wrong. Each and every thing was learning what you feel you want to do, and not what others are telling you to do.

Your biggest problem is the urgency to hurry, hurry, hurry. Your expectations do not allow for the learning process to be completed—you want results right now. You are letting the judgment of the ego world determine for you whether you are happy. No one is happy 100% of the time if they are on Earth. The planet has an equal amount of negativity for the great positivity you seek.

You are also never going to be able to increase love and happiness for others if you do not have it for yourself. You are blocking the free flow of energy. You are trying to dictate the way you want things to go instead of stepping into the flow and just letting go. The flow will always take you where you need to go.

You don’t need a huge amount of time to enter your previous reflective states. Shut off the chatter that is the world around you and listen to the silence of the love enveloping you. When negative thoughts or doubts arise, stop them in their tracks and envision the opposite positive effect. Don’t fight your work; see what you can learn from it or how you can change it to accomplish your goal.