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Sensitive to negativity

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, when I go to visit my relatives from my husband´s side, every time I come back I´m totally anguished and nervous. The next few days I´m like in a big black hole and I don´t know why. For example last time, the day before the visit I was in my center and I was feeling lot of love around me and I was feeling great and then it happened once again. I don´t know if it´s a place itself or people there? Do I have some unsolved case there or what is this all about? I´ve been married 23 years and have always been feeling like this. Can you give me an answer? ~Telma, Portugal

ANSWER: You are a very empathic person who senses and feels the energies of others when in their presence. You take on the negativity, despair, and unhappiness around you. Your husband’s family resides in negative thoughts, feelings, and ideals. Most of their life lessons include learning about characteristics that lead to distress, paranoia, fear, and unhappiness.

Negativity sucks all the positive loving energy out of your body and replaces it with dread. These people feed off of your beautiful positive energy and leave you in that dark place that you are not aware of—since it is everywhere with them—until it overtakes you when you return to your loving home. You are a feeding source for them when you come and they consume you, emptying all love available.

The effect they have on you has become more dynamic as you have learned to find your center. The more you find and build up your love and fill yourself completely with it, the more there is for them to take from you. The transition is becoming more and more noticeable. For example, being filled with love is like a normal body temperature of 98.6°F, and being without love is reducing your core temperature to 32°F. It takes a long time to warm your body back up to a comfortable feeling.

Your lesson in this situation is realizing what is happening and learning to guard against their thefts. Remain in your center, in that marvelous love, while protecting yourself with a bubble of white light energy that prevents anyone from entering or taking from your stores. Secondly, when you first detect that someone is trying to siphon off your positive energy, plug up the hole with love energy and prevent them from continuing.

You have no contract with any of these people to allow them to interfere with your life. With your sensitivity, take the first sign of negativity, stop it, and replace it with positive love.

Being totally open and trusting

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for helping us on our earth journey! I have received many messages from spirit through others that I should continue to develop my mediumship. I experience short bursts as I interact with people daily and during my healing sessions. It seems, however, that there is some sort of blockage that is hindering me from moving into the fullness of it. Can you tell me what that is and how to work on it? I am truly grateful for your guidance. ~Sheila, US

ANSWER: Your problem is your own expectations and being somewhat invested in your idea of what being a medium means. There is no one way to communicate with spirits. It comes in different forms for everyone. You may have taken a class, but people can only instruct you in the manner in which things work for them. They are not in your body, or having your journey, so they can’t say exactly how things will work for you.

When you are going about your day-to-day activities, you have no pre-conceived ideas, so you are open to receiving messages from the other side. When you are engaging in healing sessions, your focus is on being the conduit for the energy from the universe, not on communication. You have found that as the energy flows through you, so do the words from the souls ready to have their say.

It is not necessary to know who is delivering the message unless it is for a particular person from a particular soul. If the missive is to share wisdom or direction, it doesn’t matter who the speaker is. If you have protected your channel and allow only energy of the light, then it is merely a matter of opening to the spoken word and feeling whether or not it resonates with the subject or subjects to whom it was addressed.

When you are concentrating on trying to get a message, you always ask yourself if the message that comes through is truly from the other side. Stop doubting! Start feeling the “rightness” of it.

To start to trust a little more, have a question in your mind when you clear all thoughts during a meditation. See what you “hear” as you meditate. Try doing the same thing as you get ready to go to bed at night. Don’t question or debate; just do it for a while until it becomes second nature.

You need to get comfortable with the dialogue. It’s just like any other conversation—except the other party is invisible.

Dangerous love

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I love my best friend. She does not share the romantic feelings but there is great understanding and connection between us. Our relationship is purely platonic. Unfortunately someone she loves but with whom she is no longer together, threatened to kill me if I were to ever become close to her because of my sexuality and romantic feelings. I find it disturbing since my friend has never mentioned that to him and of the unknown methods he is using to extract information about people connected to her. Surely you must know how she has been treated by him both mentally and emotionally. I was never involved in their relationship. But as her friend, I want her to be safe and his obsession will haunt her. Why is there so much of intensity between them? Are they soul-mates or twin flames? Why is there sudden animosity against me? ~V., Singapore

ANSWER: The situation between your friend and her ex is a lesson they are sharing. It is not simple but has a number of different layers. He is, first and foremost, a very jealous person. He has tried to control every aspect of your friend’s life. He is very observant and didn’t need to be told about your feelings—he could sense them from things that were said and left unsaid.

These two are not soul mates or twin flames. He is learning all about control and she about discernment and not releasing her power to another. She has self-esteem issues that he uses to belittle her into doing what he wants. Even though they are no longer together he still influences her from afar. These are lessons that only she can resolve.

You may assist her by helping her examine her feelings about herself and why she so easily defers to others. She does not want to take responsibility for her decisions so she lets others make all the choices for her. Help her to love and value herself and see there is freedom of choice at every stage of life and that she can only learn if she steps up and makes those decisions herself.

He, on the other hand, is a very fearful person. He continually makes threats, particularly to females, but will not follow through with anything physical. He cannot stand confrontation if someone else is the aggressor. He can only have control over you and your friend if you allow it.