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Separation anxiety

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, who are you? How can I trust you? After my mother died I lost my self, my faith, my normal life. She died last May suddenly. When you say the dead are in heaven and happy and sending love they are at home they are safe. Really I want to believe you very much but now I have no faith with any one. I want to see in my eyes those angels and my mother. I want to experience by myself.  I miss my mother very very much. I’m in pain, strong pain. ~Layla, Jordan

ANSWER: We are souls broken off from Source energy just as you and your mother are. Some of us have spent many lives on Earth working through the same types of life lessons as you now face. We have learned all the possible aspects of some lessons and have earned the title of master of that particular form of living. We also include a number of angels and archangels who have never gone into a physical body but have worked for millennia as guides for those souls on Earth.

All souls, when they are not in human physical form, have the ability to be back here at Home in total unconditional love and to observe everything that is happening all over the physical world. We do not call this heaven because that is an Earth term that has an opposite energy of hell. Duality exists only on Earth; everything here is positive.

Your life lessons dealt with feeling abandoned and searching for love, trust, and someone to take care of you. This lesson was set up between your mother and you before coming to Earth so that you might work your way through the ability to find your own powers and to connect to those in nonphysical form.

You have strong intuition and feelings but you question them. You establish expectations of the way you want things to appear and be, and if the facts do not comply with your wishes, you deny that they are real.

Where your mother is now is a nonphysical world. Things do not appear as they do in the physical arena. It is impossible to duplicate the physical from nonphysical materials. You will not be able to see your mother in the physical form she had before, but you can feel her energy, her love, her happiness. This will only happen if you open yourself to the possibility. If you deny it exists, it does not exist to you.

Mom, daughter, and boyfriend

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, please help me to understand what’s the matter with me, my daughter, and her old boyfriend. She leaves him, he was suffering a lot, he is like a son to me. I suffer with him a lot, today my daughter has another person, I don’t like and I feel inside me all the time a pain. My energy is low, my mind always thinks about him. I wait that one day my daughter will be with him again. Is it possible? It is a permanent suffering for me, many times I think I lost my mind.  Please explain to me this trilogy, grateful ~Maria, Portugal

ANSWER: It is impossible for one person to lead the life of another. You are trying to dictate to your daughter what she should do because of your attachment to the ex-boyfriend. You cannot make her like him; in fact, your insistence that she like him has caused her to rebel against your desires and run away from you.

The ex-boyfriend is a soul mate of yours with whom you have shared a number of lives. In his presence you feel the pleasure of past lives. He is with you in this life for you to understand more about trying to control the life of another. You associate the feeling of love more with him than with your daughter, and it is time for you to examine these feelings.

You have trouble loving yourself; you sense that love is only something that comes from outside. You will not have low energy or be in pain if you connect with the love inside and use it to see what is happening in your life. You have to stop worrying about others and start working on yourself.

What happens between your daughter and the ex is completely up to them. Stop fixating on them. Begin to create the life that you seek. Make your plans without the two of them. When you can clearly see a time without either of them, you are focusing on yourself.

Always thinking about him is like an obsession with a movie star or politician whom you may never even meet. It is time to become realistic. Your daughter has someone she is happy with at this time. Try to see him for the person he is, not just as a reflection of who you want him to be.