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Life lessons and connections to Home

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters I had a tough life from childhood. In a nutshell my health really suffered.  After 8 years of marriage I don’t have any babies. My tubes have been removed. Doc told me I can only have baby through donor egg. I was not convinced but now I have decided to go ahead. I’m scared of it I don’t want my family to know about it. Why all this is happening please shed some light. What is my purpose in this life time? My father passed away early this year, he is with you now in unconditional love. Please pass my and my sister’s message that we need him and miss him. Tell him to keep on visiting us we want to feel his presence. ~Chicu, Singapore

ANSWER: Earth is a place for battling negativity. You decide what degree of difficulty you wish to experience in a lifetime and then come into a body that will help you experience what you desire. The parents you choose, the area where you are born, and the frailties of your body bring you the lessons you chose.

The medical difficulties you have experienced all relate to how you think about yourself. You lack confidence, respect, and love for yourself; you don’t think you are worthy of success or happiness. You need to connect with your soul, the essence of unconditional love inside of you. The only person you have to please is yourself. Allow yourself to do what is necessary to be happy.

Just as you did with your father, you want people to tell you what to do. You hesitate to take responsibility for your life, and if others direct you, you don’t have to make any decisions. Your father left when he did so that you and your sister could start thinking for yourselves and be forced to assume responsibility for your lives.

Your father is always around you in spirit, encouraging you and trying to help you find strength. He wants you to know that you can take care of yourself. You are a strong person inside. Start to have faith in yourself.

A baby will show you how to have responsibility for another so you can take more into your life. Your egg, or someone else’s egg, or even someone else’s child who would not have a home but for your adopting him or her—it doesn’t make any difference. Your purpose in life is to recognize who you are as a soul and to help others find their way after you have done so.

Help when you need it

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, my spirit guides have been helping me with a lesson of kind supportive relationships. I did an exercise before I fell asleep on how it would feel to have these relationships. I then had a vivid experience hurtling through space/time. Was it astral projection? I arrived at an ordinary place and met a person. As the interaction progressed, I realized I was connected to the person on a soul level. The feeling of the connection was incredible. Was I given this amazing experience to understand that I’ve already experienced loving, supportive relationships in a different reality or time? So no giving up, continue to wake up. I’m grateful for any guidance. ~Anne, US

ANSWER: You work so hard at understanding your abilities that, when they can, your guides pop in and help you get the experience you need to fulfill your desires. When your body is at rest, your soul, your unconscious mind, doesn’t stick around and watch you sleep. It travels to gather knowledge, renew old friendships, and find rest and relaxation.

You have found out that if you pre-program your conscious mind to look for an answer, your unconscious hears and steps in to support your wishes. The trip you mentioned is alternately called an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) or astral projection. You traveled to a time and place that allowed you to remember what unconditionally loving relationships felt like. The person you met was one of your soul mates, with whom you had previously shared a lifetime.

When you fully open to an experience, usually when you are free of expectations or fears, you are able to feel the positive energies you share or feel given off by others. On Earth you are conscious of the negative energies surrounding others because you feel their anger, sadness, hatred, or pain. With all the negativity around it is difficult to pick up the positive love energy.

Once you have remembered the way the positive feels, it is easier to open and separate the positive from the negative. This also gives you the information on how to handle any lessons with which you are having difficulty. Go into your sleep cycle with the desire to understand what is causing you pain or fear. Follow the energy to the cause and resolve your problem to remove the negative feelings and have more room for positive ones.