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Powers of illusion

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, can someone be trapped in their own illusions??? I have recently been worked on by an energy healer to clear some of my own issues. I want to be a better, stronger, more consciously aware person. I am empathic and very sensitive to energies of others and the earth changes and I feel the group planetary changes. I have been targeted by extreme dark forces and am looking for help. The attacks are so strong most others in the healing community are not able to offer me the help I really need so they say things to me like I am [a] prisoner of my own illusions??? ~Ronald, USA

ANSWER: People can only see what they allow themselves to see, and feel what they open themselves to interact with. You may have an elephant standing in front of you, but if you deny that the animal can possibly be there, you will not be able to see it because it is not part of the illusion you have created for your reality.

If someone is being attacked by invisible negative energies but you do not admit such exists in your illusionary world, you will not see or feel their presence. That is the situation with some of the healers you have approached. Since they have never been attacked in the manner in which you have been, they cannot imagine such an occurrence. Since they can’t imagine it, they are also unable to feel it because it is an impossibility to them.

You are becoming a very strong lightworker. Dark forces of negativity like to feed on bright positive energy and so come visiting for a snack. They do exist, so you are not trapped in an illusion. (Of course, it is possible to create an illusionary reality in which beings of your imagination are assaulting you, and until you give up their existence you are unable to get rid of them and they share your cell. But this is not the case here.)

Since these really are in your illusion of life, you have to find ways to alter your illusion to speed them on their journey. One way is showering these negative forces with positive love energy. When you sense them, the first thing you feel is fear, and  that is adding to the negativity. When you begin to sense their presence, thank them for giving you the opportunity to feel such negative forces, and then send them love for following the path they have chosen even though it is the opposite of your Earth destination.

How connection raises questions

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am really finding it very difficult at the moment keeping faith in my abilities, feeling self-love and trusting my intuition. I understand that situations of late have come up to help me deal with this and for me to heal past emotional wounds. But I am particularly struggling with my partner’s apathy, lies and betrayal. I wish to give my baby the best start in life and I really am undecided whether remaining with him (helping him to develop self-awareness and integrity) will benefit us and our growth. But most of all I am starting to question whether my suspicion and uneasy feelings are actually from intuition, and need to know whether it is just paranoia and fear based from his lies of the past.~ Moomi, UK

ANSWER: You have traveled very far along your path of enlightenment. As you progress you will find that those persons who have been accompanying you for years, and are seemingly on a par with you, suddenly no longer understand you—or you them. It is impossible for one person to get another to accept guidance unless that person is ready to move forward.

As you have grown, you have been bringing to yourself those things you need to experience to complete various life lessons. The choices of the type of energy, whether negative or positive, and the way you perceive your contact with others are solely within your purview. Your intuition has become clear and powerful; let it help direct your choices based upon how the feelings resonate with you.

Your partner is a selfish individual whose ego controls his actions. He is not interested in anyone else and does things for his own gratification. The tendency toward lies, betrayal, and spiritual apathy is part of his personality. He is not interested in developing self-awareness and integrity, so trying to assist him will only lead to wasted time and heartache.

With your heightened awareness, the suspicions of old are easy to recognize and diagnose for exactly what they are. Your only fear concerns your feelings about yourself and whether you can make the decisions that will be the best for you and your child. There is fear of the unknown: What will it be like if you go it alone? Can you make it?

You have been creating the reality you have needed to get the wisdom you currently possess. Use that same ability to create the world you wish to live in.

Learning patience

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I never wanted to ask about my future before today because I know my future is my gift (is dynamic), however, I have doubts. My life has always been mired in negativity and consequently nothing flowed well. One year ago I discovered and learned many things. I’m grounded in positivity. My life has completely changed, I feel lighter, happier and with a lot of love to give. I learned to be a creative and experienced this very fast, creating everything I wanted. Now I feel like I’m stagnant. Two things are not solved: my scholarship and my PhD that both seek a companion. I am attractive, enjoyable with intelligence within. The normal men look very, very much, but they do not approach. Why? ~Daniella, Brazil

ANSWER: All souls have one major choice while in a human body: do I choose negativity or positivity? You have brought to yourself the decision to change the negative past and live in a positive future. You are the one creating this magnificent world. The initial choices to shed the darkness were relatively easy once you began the process and saw the great results. Replacing despair with love sheds a whole new light on your world.

As you have finished with the major aspect of your thinking, which has changed the way your whole world looks, the minor hurdles have become your immediate future. It may seem as if you have gotten to this point swiftly, but your spiritual awareness has been building over the years. You just reached a critical mass of all the information making perfect sense at one time about a year ago. You know you created everything you want, so it is time to redirect your creativity.

Plan out what you need and what you want. See what is needed to achieve these results and then start the creative process all over again, directed at these new goals. You had such success in the beginning; never doubt you can do it again. Realize it is going to take a bit of time to get there, and have patience.