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The Bible and Prayer

Monday, July 1st, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have a Question about Christianity and the Bible. Do we really have to believe in Jesus to get to heaven? Am I right in thinking that the Bible has contradictions? What about prayer, is it necessary? ~Samantha, UK

ANSWER: Christianity is a belief system that is part of the duality of positive and negative energy on planet Earth. Belief systems are rules and regulations that individuals adopt to give them standards by which they make decisions in their life, and which they use to judge how they are doing relative to other people who share some of the same beliefs. The beliefs you accept, as part of the reality you choose for your lifetime, control your lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions.

Earliest belief systems come from parents, teachers, religious leaders, and authority figures and are adopted without question. The majority of people accept the whole package of rules, thinking they have to obey the lot. They are unaware that they have freedom to choose what to believe and what to reject.

On Earth, society firmly believes that everything is either right or wrong, because ego demands that judgment be made. This is all part of the positive-negative duality. Within this system there is a heaven and a hell. And they do exist as life issues on Earth: physical and emotional bliss is heaven, and illness and oppression is hell.

On the spiritual plane—that is, after the soul leaves the physical body used on Earth—there is no heaven or hell, just unconditional love and acceptance. It doesn’t matter what the body believed, or how the person lived on Earth; once released from that duality there is no negativity whatsoever. To enter into unconditional love, all you have to do is to die and then transition from the physical to the nonphysical.

The physical writings used by various groups to define their belief systems were put together by humans while in the duality, so they contain as much negative energy as they do positive. They are like rule books. If you want to engage in a particular sport or game you must abide by the rules, and the inventors or directors of the games can include whatever they want people to do, whether it makes sense to the players or not.

If by prayer you mean imploring an outside entity to make your decisions for you, the answer is no. If, however, you mean using an intention directed to the universe because you accept the powers you have of manifestation, then, while not essential, it is helpful to produce the experiences you need to learn your lessons.