How to make it feel right

QUESTION: Masters, I have opened an office for healing with crystals and I was very excited. Since then, I am feeling that the space I am in is not right for me. I am uncomfortable there. My question is: are my feelings my intuition or is it my fear of success and confidence that I am tuning into? My biggest obstacle is trusting my gut right now and I want to rely on it! I want to be helping people and animals but all I do right now is stay away. ~Stacey, USA

ANSWER: In order to have an office or home that reflects who you are, you need to “decorate” and synchronize it to your energy. The space has been that of others for so long that some of their negativity is still present. You need to air it out, sage it to remove stagnant energies, and be very cautious of the negativity being left behind by your clients and those who visit.

Crystals bring out the hidden flow within the body. Some also capture that energy to assist the healing or balancing of the client. Care must be taken to continually clear out that residual to prepare the crystals for the next person.

To find out why your comfort level is off the charts, sit in the middle of the office with incense, candles, and crystals; drop into a meditative state; now ask yourself what you are feeling. Follow that with why you are feeling these things. You have a lot of repressed anxiety about success and responsibility. In the fashion above, you may replay the last time you dealt with them, and then work through them.

Your intuition is very strong but you don’t believe in it. Since everything you do and deal with is nonphysical, your third-dimensional judgment, which wants concrete proof, is pulling you down. You listen to non-believers too much. You must make up your own mind about what is part of the reality you wish to live.