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When dementia visits

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, my mom has dementia and it is very difficult to know how to help her. I often see the fear and frustration in her eyes at not being able to say what she wants to, etc. She falls or pulls the curtain down busting her lip thinking the room is on fire. I just wonder how much she is feeling all this hurt. It seems she forgets the next moment anything has happened. Is she already crossing over and back to spirit? She said “they” are letting her know when a child is aborted so she can help the baby to transition. How do the guides help with dementia souls? Masters, please help my mom. ~Sheila, USA

ANSWER: Your mother’s dementia has gone beyond being a learning experience specifically for her and is now a lesson for all those around her. As you have observed she is living more in the moment than she ever did before. After dealing with a situation, regardless how traumatic it appeared, she has concern only for her immediate surroundings. She is, in a way, a captive of her thinking mind, and it has a very short loop of awareness. She has passed the point of being aware of her lack of memory and functioning.

When you watch her, all kinds of emotions and history come popping into your head; these are generally things you haven’t completely worked out for yourself. You can tell which ones are the life lessons because they appear to be fears and doubts about how to handle a situation. You also are looking into a mirror and absorbing the energy. Make the choice to see it as lessons and not a future for you.

She does spend a good amount of time communicating with the other side, and she is starting to work on a project she will be engaged in when she transitions—that of helping souls who attached to a fetus only to have the mother make the decision not to go through with the birth. She just leaves a slight attachment to the physical body and goes about her training.

Her soul does not have dementia; only the physical body that she chose to hold it does. The conscious mind that worked out understanding about life has left the building. When those near her have settled their understanding of this ailment, she will move on to that next project.