What does duality mean?

QUESTION: Masters, please tell me about the duality of Earth. How come that Earth is the only place this occurs? Why not other places? Also is positive and negative an accurate reflection of the energy here? When I breathe in oxygen and a tree breathes in my carbon dioxide, and then vice versa, is one positive and other negative or is it just about balance? Or if yellow contrasts with violet, is one positive and the other negative? Thinking about our lives in terms of positive and negative seems such a monochrome view when the world is full of colour that balances out. I would love to hear your view. ~David, UK

ANSWER: Duality deals with the emotions associated with the choices you make to learn and understand the human condition. Negative and positive refer to the two sides of every life issue. Various shades of color and functions of other organisms are not negative and positive to all other living things—they are not in the process of learning about themselves by making choices. All things not humanly physical merely provide a background to enable the human life-lesson process.

Positive and negative does not mean good and bad as the human judgment records. These are all constructs of the ego, which wants to grade all things to see where they appear on the scale of superiority. Souls come from a place of evaluation where everything is undertaken simply for the experience. You then see if it is something you can learn from, either to incorporate into your illusion or decide once was enough; this is not judging.

Earth was selected to be the cauldron where the soul could face negativity, which is not the chosen state of the soul. At all other times than when on Earth, the soul is in unconditional love. The default for learning lessons is to recognize the negative energy involved and choose to change it into positive energy. If you wished to go to a place to spend time experiencing music, philosophy, physical strength, or art, you would not have to have negativity around—it would make it more difficult for you to enjoy your endeavor.

At this time Earth is sufficient to handle the needs of the souls wishing to experience using life lessons as the manner in which to understand their essential essence in a physical body. By existing in negativity, the soul has to discover its unconditional love in order to fully feel that phenomenon in a physical body. Your purpose in being human is to use the pre-chosen life-lesson process to understand about the powers of the soul and the nature of your essence.