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Confirming faith

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Q. Masters, I am having trouble with my faith in God. I was brought up in a very traditional religious organization wherein God was defined precisely for me. Into my 30s I accepted this as a governing factor in my life. I have read your words on changing your belief systems through freedom of choice. But where do I go once I have discarded the old programming?

A. Once a precise formula has been thrown out you must invent or accept another. When it comes to a belief in God you first have to define how you feel about “God.” Do you still accept that it is some benevolent being that sits in judgment over all that you do? Or do you feel that judgment is a human quality that only facilitates learning life lessons?

We will tell you what we know about the energy that you call “God,” which we generally refer to as Source. Source is an energy composed of unconditional love. It existed before all else and encompassed everything that was. Source wished to have a way to better understand the magnificence of unconditional love, so it broke off fractions of itself to have varying experiences with and without love. These fractions we call souls.

Since each soul is a little piece of the Source, it can exhibit the same qualities of Source, if it chooses. Therefore, for your purposes, you contain within you a fraction of Source, or as you call it, God. When you “lose your faith in God” you have lost your faith in yourself.

Most people abandon their faith in themselves because they do not want to have to assume responsibility for their actions and the lessons they are experiencing. Because of who you are (and everyone else in creation is), to find your answers you simply have to go within and accept the feelings that you find there. Those feelings are the essence of you as a soul—as a Source.